Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{5 of} Top 10 highlights from Ragnar Wasatch Back

I'm struggling where to begin with this post...It's hard to put everything {the emotions, experience, friendships formed}  into words.  I don't want to write a race report focusing on my legs, because this wasn't about me, it was about the entire team. We ran A LOT, and I don't want to bore you with 36 legs of running.  So I have decided to start with my 10 Favorites from the relay

In no particular order:


After all meeting for the first time on Wednesday {yes, we really did not know each other prior to running this relay; with the exception of Meghan and I, who ran Northwest Passage together} we instantly bonded as a team.  And in my opinion, we totally exemplified what it means to works as a team: 

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
 After her 12 mile run, in the middle of the night, in drastically colder temperatures, Meghan wasn't feeling well and was having cramping and GI issues {#shithappens}.  Despite feeling like sh**, Meghan fought with strength, perseverance, and determination to make it through her next 7 mile run, which was far from "easy." As a team we rallied around her, willing to step in when needed.  Bry, the "legend" {nickname courtesy of NUUNned} would jump out and run with her occasionally to support and encourage her. 

Meghan's 5th leg happened to be a NO VAN SUPPORT leg but this girl needed our support, and nothing was going to stop us from providing it for her. Right as she finished, I received a text saying we had received our first RAGNAR VIOLATION...one of our prouder moments of the relay, because it was a symbol of how much we bonded as a team {disclaimer: I Am NOT encouraging you to get a Ragnar violation}.  Lesson learned, don't mess with #highNUUN...on the next leg, which was also a no support leg, we were turning in teams along the course supporting their runners.

Later on in the relay, Meghan had an opportunity to support Bry when she was close lined & taken down by a guy coming into her final exchange, resulting in her hitting her knee on the exchange sign. 

As with any relay, running an ultra relay is all about getting each other through the tough times.


When we picked up the van from the airport Lisa drove it #likeaboss, throwing in some 21-point turns in the parking lot and even attempting to parallel park it! #nobigdeal

And speaking of #likeaboss, Ned worked that 15 passenger van #likeaboss.  I mean, who needs to look when changing lanes in a beast of a van!? We caught ourselves saying things like "Don't go over the cliff" and "are you just going to make your own lane!?"  In all seriousness, he was AMAZING and totally mastered his role as not only being our driver, but being a crucial part of our team...we truly couldn't of done it without him! He was our biggest cheer leader {Go Vegas Legs!!} and supporter...someone I feel truly blessed to know and call friend

And finally, I will never be able to talk about race walking {as if I talk about it much} without saying #likeaboss, because that's exactly what Meghan did...she race walked the heck out of her last leg, which had 1500ft of elevation gain in 4 miles.


I'm going to be really honest here...I was completely freaked out the last couple days leading up to the relay.  It wasn't necessarily a question of whether or not I would make it, because I knew I would, it was more an issue of not only "making it" but running it in a way that would do my team proud.  

I had 5 solid runs, and then came leg 6! I was tired, completely drained {guess that's what happens when you eat like a bird for 30 hours and try to run 30 miles}, hot, and EMOTIONAL...I DID IT!!! I wore my road noise vest so I could have music {nerd alert; guess I could've just worn headphones} and just get into a zone.  I reached the "one mile to go" sign, and it all hit me! I attempted to take a bubbly, happy smile picture, but it was more of an "I'm so happy Im kinda crying" smile! I turned the corner to the exchange and completely lost it.  They were tears of joy, excitement, accomplishment, and overcoming.

It's amazing what we are capable of doing when we put our mind to it!

 *oh my, I can't believe I am posting this pic*


We laughed a lot, and every time we did, Bry would snort! I'm seriously laughing right now as I type this just thinking about it! I miss those snorts!

We went back and forth regarding whether or not we would keep track of our road kills, but we did, and Ned did a fabulous job of keeping us honest when marking them on the van.  Not only did he keep us honest, he got a little competitive about it {as did we} and was doing some trash talking to the other runners.  As we drove pass runners he would say, "Say hi to Bry when she passes." "You're done, you're done, you're done." "Oh, there's more blood!"

Do you spy a photobomb!?

240+ roadkill! 

To be continued....


  1. Love that you all were able to form such a strong bond so quickly! Way to go team!

  2. Oh wow...so much fun in this post!! I'm so glad you had an amazing time with those ladies (not that I doubted you would!). You are making me so excited for my ultra coming up...EEK!

  3. super fun seeing everyone's recaps and I like the top 10 version!!

  4. Oh man... I am totally laughing. Already I've forgotten about some of these things. The snort -- I freakin' love Bry's snort. And Ned's comments about kills... Geez, there is so many good and fun things that came from this. Thanks for recapping your top 10. Loved it!

  5. Holy crapola that is a lot of dots for roadkill! :)