Friday, August 31, 2012

It was a peach of a day {or should I say week}

To be honest, I don't even know where my desire to can, especially peaches, came from, but I heard about the Harry and David Peach Palooza, where they sell peaches for $.10/lb.  and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to learn! I text my friend Kaylee and she was totally on board to can with me {even though she thought it was a little random!}.  We showed up around 12:00pm only to discover they were out of peaches, and had been since 10am, but would possibly be getting more the following Saturday.  I called on Wednesday, and they confirmed they would have more peaches that Saturday.  Kaylee and I were ready to be there bright and early...only one problem, we were going to a Sugarland concert that Friday outside of Eugene {about 3hrs north of Medford}.  So we did what any crazy-country-music-loving-wanting-to-learn-how-to-can girls would do, and drove home after the concert {got home around 3am}, and set our alarms for 6:15am to head to the Peach Palooza.  We were not the happiest campers when our alarms went off, but that quickly changed when we arrived to thousands of pounds of peaches and people frantically grabbing them...we were instantly caught up in the excitement and ready to fill our boxes {note to self: next time take smaller boxes!} We started singing {and playing on my iPhone} Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America, and before we knew it, we had 250lbs of peaches! Yes, 250 lbs of peaches!

Now the question was what to do with all of these peaches!? The thought of a ton {a few yes, but a ton, no} of canned peaches didn't sound all that appealing {I don't remember the last time I had canned peaches}, so I started looking up canned peach ideas {thanks Pinterest}, and found a recipe for peach salsa and peach BBQ sauce.  I later found a canning edition of Better Homes & Gardens with a recipe for Jalapeno-Peach Jelly and Peach-Bellini Jam. Oh, and we had to have frozen peaches for smoothies and cobblers.  

We started our canning adventure by going over to my friend's house who is the canning queen with the perfect kitchen for it, and busted out 100 jars in one evening! We now felt like we knew enough to can on our own!

Wednesday night we were up until 2am slicing, dicing, mixing, boiling {burning}, {deliriously} laughing, wanting to cry, and canning. {another lesson learned: being more creative and making salsas, BBQ sauces & jellies is quite a bit more work than just canning the peaches}.  My kitchen is not quite equipped for a canning extravaganza, but we made the best of it...and now have great memories, chopped peaches for more cobblers, and cutely labeled jars full of peaches! 
The kitchen aftermath

This picture was taken around 1:00am

Canning wouldn't be complete without cute labels

I have made 3 peach cobblers in my entire the last 3 weeks!

Best cobbler recipe every courtesy of the Reluctant Entertainer!

We are already thinking of what our next canning extravaganza will entail...perhaps applesauce! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marathon Training Has Begun

Disclaimer: I looked up the difference between begun and began when typing the title of this post, because I wasn't sure which was the correct word, and based on my research "begun" is correct, but if not, please let me know :)

It's a little surreal, but yes, I am training for Marathon #3...there was a point when I said I would never run a marathon, but here I am training for my 3rd {all over a time span of 15 months!}.  After completing the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon, I knew right away that I wanted to do another marathon;   there was also talk about a NUUN reunion at CIM {which I had heard was a phenomenal event!}.  The only thing holding me back from signing up for another marathon, was finding someone to run it with me...I was only willing to do it if I had a running partner{s} to train with. I asked a few people, and within a week was signed up for CIM and had two running partners to run it with me {Heidi and Mandy}. We {ok I} have decided to do the Run Less Run Faster training plan again for this marathon.  

Speedwork: 3x1600 at 8:00 pace....eek! I was a little nervous for this one, especially being our first speed workout in a long time...but we dominated it.
Tempo Run: Instead of doing a tempo run, we did a hill run {total of 6 miles} with the group...Heidi and I had our marathon mojo going and powered up the hill
Long Run: 13 miles at 10:20 pace...we ended up averaging 9:30, and felt strong the entire way. 

Speedwork: 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 at an 8:00 pace.  We ran them faster, closer to a 7:30 pace
Temp Run: Once again we did the hill run with group {6 miles}
Long Run: We have 15 miles schedule for tomorrow...we are all a little nervous but it will be great! I'll check back to let you know how it went!

Ok, as promised, I'm back to report on today's run! Well despite nerves, and being pretty tired at the start, we totally rocked 15 miles, with an average pace of 9:40. 

Our trip to CIM was always going to be a girls weekend...My friend Shannon {Mandy's sister} and her friend Stephanie were going to come with us and be our cheerleaders...well after a run a couple of weekends ago I convinced the two of them, along with another friend Alicia to sign up for the team "Dragged Into This" will now be joining us for 26.2 miles!!!  

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Thank you Paulette and Tasha for nominating me {and forcing me to write another blog post this week...I've been a little busy to say the least}.The Liebster Blog award is meant to honor up-and-coming blogs with smaller followings that you really like. I'm excited to be a part of it to share my story and to nominate other bloggers you should check out (including the above ladies who nominated me). 

The Liebster Blog award asks the blogger to do the following:
1. Answer 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you.
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 blogs.
4. Write 11 questions for the blogs you nominate.

Ok, without further adieu, here are 11 random facts about me:

1.  I have broken my collar bone twice, once when I was younger and rolled out of my bed and once when I was in a bike accident last year.
2.  A big item on my running bucket list is to run all of the races on the Rock N Roll series {according to the list of races from the rate they keep adding them I'll never catch up!}
3.  When I was a senior in high school I went to the Grammy's, and met {and also have my picture with} Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Bonnie Raitt {just to name a few :)} 
4.  I'm a trash {not trashy} girl...I have a degree in Kinesiology and work as an executive assistant at the garbage company.
5. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years. 
6.  I am a CASA {Court Appointed Special Advocate}.
7.  I am working my way towards 27 dresses.
8.  I have twin brothers and twin cousins.
9.  My parents have been married for 35 years.
10.  2 years ago I did Cycle Oregon 
11.  I have never owned a GPS watch {I've always used my phone, but am SO excited to get my BiaSport watch}

Paulette's Questions for me:

1. What is your favorite race? My favorite race to date is the Country Music Rock N Roll in Nashville.
2. What is your least favorite race? The Pear Blossom...a local 10 mile race! I love the camaraderie of the event, but dislike the course, and can't seem to PR for the life of me!
3. Do you have pets, and if so what kind? No
4. Where did you go to school?  I went to college at the University of Colorado, Boulder. GO BUFFS!!!
5. What is your favorite long run fuel?  Honeystingers
6. Name one thing on your running bucket list. Hood-To-Coast
7. If you could vacation anywhere for a week, where would you go? Australia or New Zealand
8. Coffee, tea, or none of the above? Coffee
9. What sparked your commitment to healthy living and fitness? I read and commented on a lot of blogs, and 2 of my good friends were bloggers, so I decided to start my own! I got more serious about it after following all of the girls on the NUUN Hood-To-Coast team last year.
10. What hobbies do you have outside of running & fitness? I love working with children {nannying, teaching Sunday school, being a CASA}, waterskiing, quad riding, playing the guitar, I am a member of the Storytelling Guild and Junior League...
11. Why did you start blogging?  After reading blogs, I wanted to join the community and be able to share my story with others as well.  I love the support, encouragement and "friendships" that are created from the blogging world

#3 and #4 on the Liebster Blog Award guidelines say to nominate 11 blogs and write 11 questions for them to answer...but I am going to cheat a lil! Most of the people I would nominate have already done a post and answered questions {and if they haven't, they're even more behind than I am}, so instead I am going to provide links to 11 blogs, where you can read their random facts and answers to fellow blogger questions!

Ok...I changed my mind last minute and am going to tag a few more bloggers, and come up with 11 questions for them to answer {that the above mentioned bloggers can feel free to answer as well!}


1. What is your favorite running tune?
2. What is your favorite running gadget/accessory?
3.  Are you a morning or afternoon runner?
4.  Who/what is the inspiration behind your running?
5.  What is your favorite inspirational quote/saying?
6. What is your biggest fear?
7.  What is your favorite meal after a long run?
8.  What is your favorite FroYo topping?
9.  If you could run a race anywhere, where would it be?
10.  What is one thing you said you would never do, that you have done?
11.  What was your favorite event to watch during the olympics?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Practice Safe Hydration

One {of the many} fun parts about running with NUUN, was spreading the NUUN love to all of the runners and encouraging them to Practice Safe Hydration {thanks to Mason for the clever phrase}.  So when we had downtime we distributed NUUN tattoos {we even offered to apply them} and handed out single serve NUUN tabs.  Most people were familiar with NUUN and happy to see us out there, and others had never heard of it, and were curious to learn more & give it a try!

Who knew the NUUN tattoo would start a new tramp stamp trend!?

Risky Business wasn't complete without a NUUN tattoo...and of course he didn't hesitate to offer up his cheek! 

A fellow NUUNie 
Yes, we had a request for a neck tattoo! 

It didn't take long for me to be fired from my job as a tattoo artist...there were one too many NUUr tattoos! 

In all seriousness, practicing safe hydration is crucial...

Whether running a relay, racing a marathon, doing Crossfit or just out on a training run, proper hydration is key! When we sweat, we lose electrolytes, and need to replace them...simple as that! It's important to replenish electrolytes in order to avoid cramping and to help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently! NUUN contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B2...for more information click here



Monday, August 6, 2012


My schedule can get pretty busy, especially during the summer; before I know it summer is over, and I have only made it to the lake a handful of times! This summer I have made a valid effort to go to the lake more often, because after all, it doesn't get much better than spending the day with family & friends, waterskiing, airchairing, rocking out to music on the lake, playing cards, etc! 

My family's new favorite toy is the airchair, and being that we are kind of competitive, we always try to get more air than everyone else {as you will see below, Nick dominates in the air category}.   Every time I strap onto the board, my dad and brother say, "Come on Holly, big air this time; just launch yourself" {let me tell you, it's a little scary to "launch" yourself  while strapped to a seat, with a 3-4ft pylon below you}

Dad, living the dream!
Kaylee joined us for fun at the lake this weekend!

BIG AIR {kind of}
hand to knees, hold, freeze, eyes open, look up

Nick: The Pro! 

I think I got as much air as my dad!?

James is getting the hang of it! 

Riding the foil! 

My mom airchairs as well, but she is really the Surf Queen, and loves to bust-a-move while surfing 

I haven't quite mastered surfing, but I was able to surf without the rope for quite a while this weekend! 

Lil James decided he wanted to surf with me...

...but we weren't successful! 
I have a couple more weekends to really master "launching" myself! I just might even be jumping the wake by the end of the summer {OK, not really, but one can dream, right!?}.

This is what summer is all about!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Relay Essentials

Ragnar Northwest Passage was my first relay; luckily we had some veterans on our team who assisted with all of our packing needs, but I want to share with you what I think are relay must-haves!!!

First, and perhaps most important is NUUN! The key to surviving 15-20 miles in a 30hr time frame is proper hydration {especially when running in the heat of the day}!! Keep the NUUN flowing and make sure to bring several different's fun to have options and switch it up from time to time! 

Relays are all about being a team, and a team is not complete without custom bondibands! The neon NUUNKOTB bondibands were not only great for wicking the sweat during our runs, but helped make sweaty, rained on, un-washed hair look good! 

During a relay you live in workout clothes, so its important to be comfortable {while running and in-between runs} Once I tried on my  JUNO sports bra from Moving Comfort I was hooked! It is seriously the most comfortable and supportive {this is key for me!} sports bra I have owned; not to mention cute {most of my sports bras are black or white}
Thanks Stacie for modeling...I wore mine during my first leg when it was cold & pouring down raine
 When I asked what I should pack for a relay, everyone said compression apparel! NUUNKOTB turned to ZENSAH for our compression needs: The Zensah compression leg sleeves are made with gradient compression which provides wide ribbing in the front for shin support and tight ribbing in the back for calf support. Not only did the compression sleeves keep our legs feeling fresh between legs, the colors were neon-tastic! 

No matter what runner you are of a relay, you will have to run one of your legs during "nighttime" hours, which means you will have to run in a reflective vest {which as you can see, I liked! And even wore during non-nighttime hours}.  I choice a RoadNoise vest {which I confirmed was Ragnar approved}.  Why RoadNoise!? The RoadNoise comes equipped with lightweight speakers {didn't bother me at all while running} and a cord for an MP3 player or iPhone {headphones aren't the safest, especially at night!}...just plug in your tunes and you are ready to SAFELY rock your run! The music was plenty loud enough, and I could her traffic & people around. Oh, and did you notice it's pink!? {they have other colors too}

 I was singing and dancing through the miles! 

I never run without my phone because its my GPS and iPod! When you're doing a relay, with a group of bloggers, its pretty important to have your phone with you at all don't want to miss a prime twitter or instagram opportunityv{Not often on a run are you passed by Risky Business}.  Thanks to spi-belt we were able to stay connected to the social networking world at all times :c) {and didn't even notice we were carrying our phones} Oh, and having our phones on us came in handy when we got lost...

One of the main priorities while doing a relay is staying properly caffeinated!

Last, but definitely not least, is having a #lemontea ready for runners when they finish their last leg!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had the privilege, honor and amazing opportunity to run Ragnar Northwest Passage with NUUN and 9 other bloggers! I headed up to Seattle Thursday afternoon, where I was picked up from the Airport in the NUUN-mobile {how great it that!?} Alanna, who is from Canada, also came down Thursday afternoon so we headed to the hotel, met up with Lauren and walked around Seattle before heading back to the NUUN HQ!

Once we had grabbed a Starbucks {which we hit up several more times in the following 30 hours} and walked through Pike's Market we headed back to the NUUN HQ for dinner and van decorating.  It was so great to officially {IRL} meet everyone; ffriendships were instantly created and the fun times began.  After NUUN hydrated and carbed us up, we headed out to decorate the vans...luckily we had some creative people, and the rest of us hung out laughing, taking pictures, and making sure the artists had the markers they needed!


Van 1 got up bright & early on Friday and started the journey to Blaine around 5:15am {first stop: Starbucks}.  As we got closer to Blaine, the clouds started getting darker and darker, and then came the rain! One thing I DO NOT LIKE is running in the rain, but how can you have a bad attitude when you are rocking " HIP HOP" pants, I mean really!? {even when you do get passed by a hot dog...can we say embarrassing!?}

Van 1 leap frogged, cheered, supported, tatted & spread the NUUN love, hydrated, passed around the NUUN medal and counted roadkills {people you pass} during legs 1-6, and was excited to hand off to Van 2

The first major exchange was in Bellingham, which is where 2 of our vanmates live, including Meghan, who finished her leg and went and curled up in the back of the van, feeling even worse at this point.  We insisted she go home, rest, & shower, while we went and grabbed some lunch. She was even kind enough to throw my wet {and at this point stinky} shoes and towel in the dryer.   We went and grabbed Pho {which just might be my new favorite race meal & reminded me of my trip to Vietnam} and headed back to pick up Meghan so we could make our way to Burlington for our second legs

I was expected to kick off our second set of legs just before 9pm, which meant nighttime running, and I was just a little excited about it! There is something about running in a vest {with music blaring}, headlamp and glow sticks that made me want to dance!

disclaimer: I only had to run the last mile or so of my run in the DARK, otherwise I might of had a different attitude about it.  OK, I probably would've been a lil scared!

I led us out on our second legs, and saw a girl up in the distance that I was determined to catch.  I kept gaining on her, and finally reached her, and kept looking to see if my van was coming to witness the roadkill {I felt like they always saw me being "killed}, but they didn't come and I continued on.  Only for them to catch me and see me get killed by a {different} girl running up a hill...oh well!

It was during Corinne's run that we encountered the 4 legged gorilla man {some idiot who was jumping out of his driveway and chasing runners on all was weird}, but we had her back and Katherine got out to tell him what was up {did I mention she has her black belt!?} Everyone made it through their night runs and were grateful to have running buddies {Mason even jumped in to run with Meghan}, but Becky's injury was really bothering her. A simple, "how was your run?" from a random girl {OK, a friend of Lauren's, but Becky didn't know her} resulted in her having a total meltdown and saying she wasn't going to be able to run her last leg.  And no, the girl responding with "oh, I'm sure you're just tired, you'll feel better after some sleep" didn't help! I told Becky not to worry at all, I would run her last leg {I was so impressed that she rocked her first 2 as well as she did! ROCKSTAR} I don't recall exactly when it happened, but at some point Becky went to get out of the van, nearly fell to the ground due to having marathon legs {which she was proud to achieve by only running 10 miles}, and started wandering around like a drunk puppet {she was walking funny due to the pain in her shins and foot}, and from then on #drunkpuppet was the source of our entertainment {luckily Becky has a great sense of humor and would laugh every time I or anyone else tried to mimic her, which was quite frequently!}.  In all seriousness, Becky was a total trooper, running her first two legs, and then cheering and supporting us through our last legs! I am so glad she joined us for the wouldn't of been the same without her!

After about 3 hours of sleep in the van {a few people went into the school to sleep in the gymnasium} we were woken up by a nice "Rise and Shine B*@$%s" from a van near us, and ready to start our third, and final legs {but not without a trip to Starbucks first...PRIORITIES}.  My first run was a quick 3 miles, and then I had about 1.5 hours until I ran Becky's 4.5 miles...which was supposed to be EASY, but  it sure didn't feel easy!

And before we knew it, we were done, and celebrated with BACON and BEER!

THANK YOU truly isn't enough for the opportunity, memories, new friendships and phenomenal support that NUUN provided us with! Not only do I love their product, I love their people too!