Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rock N Roll San Diego

I can't believe it has already been 2 weeks since the San Diego Rock N Roll ; I have literally been going non-stop ever since and am just now getting around to blogging about the truly EPIC summer fun!

My parents and I flew in early Friday, and spent the day sight seeing, walking around, and enjoying the good eats of San Diego.  Saturday I went to a bloggers meet-up/tweet-up at the expo; it's always fun to actually meet people you feel like you already know through their blogs and twitter! Below is our fearless organizing Pavement Runner, in true form.  It was so great to meet, and now be able to call all of these fabulous lady's "friends": Tracy,  Melissa, Amy, Amy,  and Tammy!


The race started at 6:30am, and do to expected traffic & delays, we took the shuttle from the hotel at 5am, getting up to Balboa Park at 5:15am.  That allowed us plenty of time to use the porta potty and of course do a lil pre-funk with all of the Elvi! One of the Elvi rolled up with a cart blasting Elvis music, drinking a Miller Lite.  At first I thought he was just in character and the can was for sure filled with water or something! NOPE! They were getting their drink on at 5:30am! 

Confession time...I did something I have always wanted to do at a race: start my own porta potty line! Props to Rock N Roll San Deigo, I have never seen so many porta potties at the start of a race, but there were still lines. My dad, cousin and I made our way to the porta potties furthest away from the start line, but the lines were still quit long.  It always annoys me that one line feeds into 5-6 porta potties, and no one ever knows whether its their turn or someone's from the other line. I'm standing their nonchalantly, thinking "now is the time to make my move."  We're standing between two lines, talking, etc., making our way closer to the porta potties. And smooth like butta, someone came out of the porta potta and I confidently bolted for the door.  Not going to lie, I was afraid I'd come out to people upset and yelling at me. NOPE! I came out to a new line formed, with my dad and cousin next in line! 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

THE FINISHERS: my dad had another great race! Joel, my cousin, and I ran together until about mile 9.  Huge props to him for running a half marathon with NO {run} training!

We couldn't pass up a photo opportunity with Swingin Friar! 

Race/course overview:
WEATHER: It was an absolute perfect day to run! It was a little humid at the start, resulting in everyone sweating off the get go, but there was just enough breeze throughout the run to keep us cool

COURSE:  This was my first time running in San Diego, so I don't have anything to compare it to {and I know they made changes from last year's course}; while I enjoyed the course, I feel like there is potential to improve it and include more sights of San Diego.  Unlike the full marathon, which went through Old Town & Little Italy, the half marathon course wound its way through several different neighborhoods. And when I say wound, I mean WOUND. The course has more turns than any course I have ran, which made it crucial to run the tangents {and also resulted in it not being the fastest course}.  The incline at mile 10 mentally messed with me! In looking at the elevation chart, and in talking to the pacers etc, "once you reach mile 10 its all downhill from there."  Well, that was NOT true! Mentally, I was gearing up for mile 10, and was ready to kick it in! Well, I hit mile 10, only to encounter a "hill!" ha! Once I peaked the small incline, and enjoyed some gummy bears from a spectator, I enjoyed the 2.5 mile decline to the finish! 

Overall I absolutely LOVED running Rock N Roll San Diego and had a smile on my face the entire time! I'm bringing back not only my love of running, but of racing! 

Of course there was more to this weekend, than just running...I love runcations!

We ventured to Old Town, not once, but twice, for some of the best Mexican food I have had {include fresh, made right in front of you, tortillas}

This is how us Roberts drink a margarita

The food choices along 4th and 5th Ave in the Gaslamp district are overwhelming, as there are so many great choices.  We kept walking by Cafe 21 and their "Fresh Organics, Farm to Table" sign got me every time  but there was always such a long wait {always a good sign; and of course we never planned ahead to make a reservation}.  Finally, on Monday before heading home, we were able to get a table, and it exceeded our expectations.  

A mason jar sangria bar...yes please! 

A trip to San Deigo would not be complete without a trip to the San Diego Zoo.  It was great to "run" into Pavementrunner and meet The First Lady.  While at the ZOO, it was easy to spot the runners...hobbling, and holding the railings as they walked up/down the streets and stairs. 

Monkey see...

Monkey do...

My favorite part of a zoo is the Africa section! I can't wait to actually head to head to Africa in June 2014.

Wouldn't this be a great souvenir to take home with you!?

Overall it was a great weekend filled with running, family, and friends {old and new}.

Being that both my dad and I ran 3 marathons within 90 days {well actually 42, but who's counting!?} and 2 within a 16 days, we qualify to become Half Fanatics.  I'm still thinking about whether or not I actually want to officially become a Half Fanatic.  

Are you a Half Fanatic OR Marathon Maniac? 


  1. I would love to run San Diego sometime. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. My bestie from college lived there for a couple of years so I would go down and visit her at least once a year. Never went to the zoo, but we did the safari park once. That was super fun. I love all the yummy sushi places down there too.

  2. I absolutely love that you travel with your family to races and they run them too...what an amazing experience to have together. I "think" I've convinced my cousins to run a half marathon with me next year and I'm already excited about the possibility!

  3. I think the fact that you run with your family is the coolest thing ever! SO fortunate that you all love and are passionate about running! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!!

  4. Congrats on your race. It looks like it was so much fun! I've never been to San Diego but I would love to go! And meeting fellow bloggers in real life is SO much fun!

  5. I'm not sure that I "get" the whole half-fanatics/marathon-maniacs thing. It started here, and so they really seem to be good friends, but there are free running clubs with good friends, so why pay to be a maniac??? I just don't get it.

    On to more important things: Where are you going in Africa??? I want to go SO BADLY!!!!

    I think you need to post your half marathon time here! Did you forget???