Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Birthday Gifts

It's hard to believe that in 18 days I'll be turning the 

I'm not one that usually gets wrapped up in the number of candles, but I also feel like this is a significant birthday and one I want to celebrate BIG. I'll be honest, with this big birthday quickly approaching, I find myself focusing on what I don't have, that I always thought I would,  or how I thought my life would be different at the age of 30.  Instead, I want to celebrate and focus on all of the blessings in my life; I am blessed beyond belief.  From my family, to my job, to my friends, to all of the amazing opportunities I have had,  I couldn't ask for more and am so thankful.

When I read about Kelly's Birthday Project I knew I wanted to do something similar to celebrate my big day! So often, around birthdays and other holidays, we get wrapped up in the presents and lose sight of the true meaning of the celebration.  In my life, July 18th is a day about me, and I want to celebrate ME, and all of the blessings in my life, by giving back to others! Giving back to others...whether it is my community, those is need, or family & friends who I am truly thankful near and dear to me. I believe that those who have been blessed with much should give much! 

For my birthday, my wish is that 30 people will celebrate my special day by giving back, and doing an act of kindness on July 18th.  Whether it be buying coffee for the person in line behind you, mowing your neighbors lawn, or surprising someone with their favorite treat "just because" find something that is meaningful to YOU!  

If you would like to join me for #30birthdaygifts please fill out this form and feel free to blog about and share your act of kindess with others.  I am so excited to have you join me in making the world a lil better place on July 18th.  Remember...


  1. I am completely inspired by Kelly's birthday project as well. I love your attitude Holly and I am a firm believer in the more sincere gratitude you have the more abundant your life becomes!

  2. I love this Holly!! It's a step back from tradition and always wanting more!! I love how we all can and should celebrate our days by giving back!! And enjoying the process of doing it. I am in!! Little acts of kindness can mean so much to others, and sometimes I don't think we realize how something so that seems little (to us) can actually make a persons day or even year!! You always feel better after blessing others. You can't be blessed until you do some blessing!!

  3. Count me in!
    Looking forward to celebrating lots of #birthdayblessings on July 18!
    Givers gain!

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