Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perhaps My Biggest Leap Yet!

I gambled....and won!

About a year ago, after finishing a 1/2 ironman triathlon, a friend of mine called and mentioned the "M" first response was silence, then "are you kidding me? there is no way", then I started looking up different marathons that we could do (If I am going to do a marathon it needs to be at a fun location or have some sort of a Tiffany necklace!)  We talked about it for a couple weeks after, and then it kind of faded away! Within the last couple months, after doing the AZ Rock n Roll 1/2, I have had it on my mind to do a full marathon. Should I put in the for NY marathon?? Do 26.2 miles in the lights of Las Vegas while checking out all the men in wranglers? Do Arizona again because it is rumored to be a flat, fast course??  Well, one day at the gym I was talking with a mom of some kids I used to swim with and she mentioned the Nike Women's Marathon.  As soon as she mentioned firemen and Tiffany necklace I was sold!

I normally plan to do these races with other people, but I went out on a limb and entered into the lottery application process for the race.  To be honest, the hardest part is taking the initiative to sign-up! There were a couple slight miscommunications regarding this race...I was under the impression you only received the necklace if you completed the full marathon, well come to find out everyone gets one :) And secondly, I was talking to a friend who also signed up and we are planning on doing it together, and part way through the conversation I realized she only signed up for the half!!! Well...this Wednesday I received the email telling me I was accepted into the race, and despite the miscommunications, I am doing the full marathon! My initial reaction was a mix of terror, excitement, nervousness, and "OMG, I am going to run 26.2 miles." I had a small taste of the joy and feeling of accomplishment that  I will feel when I accomplish what was once considered impossible! 

"The more you frame the marathon as a stressful experience, the more negative messages you'll receive. But it's just as easy to frame it as a positively challenging journey"

"I've learned that finishing a marathon isn't just an athletic achievement, it's a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible"

"Man imposes his own limitations...don't set any"

Someday I will find my prince charming...

...but my dad will always be my king.

I am beyond blessed to have a loving, caring, fun, giving, understanding, do anything for me, expect nothing but the best for me dad. Although I don't always appreciate it in the moment, he constantly challenges me to do and be my best, and I always end up appreciating it in the long run. 

Over the past 5 years, I have taken up running...mainly because it is something "my dad" enjoys doing, and I wanted to be able to do it with him.  I am no where near his pace (and trust me, he likes to remind me of that every change he gets), but some of my favorite times and greatest memories with "my dad" are when we are training or doing a race together.  

I'm struggling to put it into words, but there is something truly special about sharing a love of running with "my dad."  

 5 years ago I signed up to run the Pear Blossom (10 miles; and at this point I was not even close to being a "runner") with "my dad", only to have him bail the week of due to "chin splints" was raining!!!  We are a little different in the sense that I don' let weather get in the way of something I've committed to do....but it seriously gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes to not only finish (and I was DRENCHED!!), but to see "my dad" smiling ear to ear as I crossed the finish line!

I look forward to the Pear Blossom every year, and I always run on the inside and look for "my dad" as he is heading down the hill and back towards the finish line.

I thought I might have a chance at beating "my dad", if I could get him to do a triathlon!! It took a lot of convincing, but he finally signed up...and BEAT ME!!! :) Despite losing, it was still the best birthday present!

All set up and heading to the start of the swim!

WE DID IT!! This looks like a sweet picture, but I'm pretty sure he is bragging about how he beat me after I bought him a bike jersey for winning the bet of who would win!

No matter what (with the exception of when it's raining), I can always count on "my dad" to join me for a training run.

"My dad" doesn't do nearly as many events as I do, but he is always the first person I call before and after the race! The next "leap of faith" "my dad" and I will be taking together is training for the 2012 Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon.

"A daughter is a girl who grows up to be a friend"
"To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekends are for...


Due to weather and hectic schedules my weekend plans had changed several times, and my parents and I decided to stay home.  I was actually relieved to have a weekend to catch-up on stuff (including rest) and have nothing on the schedule (which is rare for me!). With the PEAR only two weeks away, I knew I had to get in a long run, rain and all! Saturday morning I started off on my run, solo, and decided to take the bike path (which I never do!). As I got to the bike path I decided to head towards Hawthorne Park for a while then turn around and go the other way for a while (which when I do run on the bike path, I run the opposite direction of Hawthorne Park).  About a mile into the run, I spot my dad running towards me; I thought he had already ran that morning from his house! I was SO excited to see him coming, I started waving my arms, making sure he saw me; we both were happy to run into each other.  I turned around and joined him, and we got in 9 miles together; which neither one of us would of done without the other.  My dad said at least 5 times, "This is my favorite kind of run, running with my daughter." It was a great, unexpected treat to have my dad's company and encouragement for 9 miles in the rain. 

My favorite running partner 

My mom and I have been talking about going snowshoeing for quite a while, but have never found the time when we can both go! Well this weekend we took advantage of having no plans, and the two of us headed to Crater Lake for the guided snowshoe tour.

Do I look a little nervous to be driving the luge??

And we're off...

It was a PERFECT mother-daughter day

And a fun way to enjoy the beautiful scenery & get in a little workout

Ranger John (8 years old, from Colorado) taking a little break in the snow

The picture doesn't do it justice...


We will definitely be back!

I was thankful for a weekend at home with no plans, allowing me to spend quality time with the two people I love mom and dad!