Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BOOing...My Favorite Halloween Traditon

I love everything about fall...the color of the leaves, cool crisp morning runs, Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzards, & pretty much everything pumpkin {beer, cookies, soup, etc}; curling up by a fire and watching football on Sunday, wearing puffer vests, corn mazes, and of course HALLOWEEN!!! I love to dress up and start planning my costume weeks, sometimes months in advance {but not this year, I still don't have anything planned, and I am going to a Halloween party on Saturday night}. In addition to dressing up, one of my favorite Halloween traditions is BOOing, have you heard of it? Its sort of a fall/Halloween take on "Secret Santas" or May baskets, and is a fun way to spread the spooky spells of Halloween!

How to BOO:

First decide who you want to BOO and then create BOO baskets filled with fun Halloween items for each house {I usually make sure there are even amounts of everything for each child in the house}

This is a bonus, but I like to dress up when I go BOOing! 

Then, once it is dark, head out to BOO people...place the basket {along with a poem} on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run as fast as you can so that you don't get caught!

As the driver, I love to sit in the car {with the lights off} and watch the kids anxiously walk up to the door, hesitantly ring the door bell, then run like crazy {screaming and laughing} to the car, jump in and start fearfully and excitedly tell their interpretation of what just happened {They saw us, I was running SO fast I almost feel, I've never been so scared, they'll never know it was us!} 

The house that was BOO-ed then places a picture in their window saying they've been BOO-ed, and continues the fun by BOOing others!

It's a night filled with racing hearts, laughter, fear, excitement and creating memories that will truly last a lifetime! 

Have you ever been BOO-ed OR BOO-ed someone?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Rogue Run-Half Marathon

Last year the first annual Rogue Run was one of my favorite races of the year: perfect weather, great course {one-way, flat, on the bike path}, fabulous course support,  local event, and I had a one of my best runs {which always helps}.  So needless to say, I was excited for it again this year.  I knew the race was going to fall right in the middle of marathon training {on a day that I was supposed to run 20miles} and a week after Ragnar Napa...my plan was to stick with the training plan the week before {aka NOT taper}, and race the half marathon the best I could {I wasn't exactly sure what to expect...would I be recovered from Napa OR still tired, would 13 seem easy, or would I struggle to push the pace}..with a goal to break 2 hours! {a 7 min PR from last year}

I was so fortunate to have the best running buddies join me!

A new friend who I have enjoyed running with and getting to know! 

And my parents!! My dad and I have ran several races together, but this was the first time my mom went from #1 cowbeller to runner!! {and yes, she chose to run a half marathon for her first run in over 20 years!}

We had a group of people from work who signed up to walk it: Go Team Rogue!!! {Photobomb courtesy of Big Earl}

We started off the race with the goal of going sub-2...and about 2 miles in to the race there was a group of 6 of us girls who were all running together.  We were having a great time chatting and laughing...making the miles go by quickly.  My NIKE app kept saying "average pace 8:50, 9:05, etc}...we were on track to reach our goal.  I was feeling really strong and continued to encourage Mandy, who was a little nervous about keeping up the pace for all 13.1 miles.  Around mile 8 we started to separate...Steffanie ran ahead and Mandy dropped back a little.  I was definitely getting tired but kept pushing the pace, and focusing on people in front of me that I wanted to pass.  I came up on an older gentlemen who was "tuting" non-stop.  And ironically enough, he was still "tuting" when Mandy passed him near the finish...maybe he was gas powered!? I hit mile 10 and was ready to be done...but I knew I was so close! I knew the course extremely well {I've ran on the path several times}, and continued to focus on the next landmark, turn, etc.  Before I knew it I was coming up on the last mile and there was a guy there running the other way on the path encouraging the runners {come to find out, he was heading back to meet his wife to run in with her} and saying, "keep pushing, you can make it under 2 hrs!" I was so happy to turn the corner and see the finish line...I had a smile from ear-to-ear {I am always overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment and joy when I cross the finish line} and loved running through the finish line and hearing people cheering for me.  Official time: 2:01.46!!  So close!! Was I disappointed!? Not at all! I ran the best race I was could &  was so excited to drop another 6 minutes off of my time; I know my half marathon time will start with a 1 in San Antonio. 

We did it!! 

My dad ran with my mom and helped pace & push her...she finished in 2:18!!! {Impressive!!!}

Our buddies James and Makenna came out to cheer us on! A family that runs together stays together! 

In 2 1/2 years, I have shaved 22 minutes off of my half marathon time, and I am looking forward to shaving another 22 minutes off!