Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Phone Apps For Running A Relay

When you’re running a relay, the last thing you want to be is glued to your phone the entire time.; there’s too much fun to be had with your teammates, in the van, cheering on the other runners, preparing for your next leg, oh yea and running, running, running! BUT, with that being said {and yes, I am kind of an iPhone/Social Networking Junkie} smartphones are great tools that can give you a little extra hand when you need it. Click below for 10 iPhones applications that you should download that will be helpful on your 200-mile (ish) journey:

Happy relaying, photo taking, coffee drinking, and dancing!


  1. If you can get everyone in your group to download GroupMe too, it's a group texting platform. We had it for my Ragnar NW Passage Team in 2012, and it was wonderful!

  2. I wish I had read this a month ago! I had to drop out of my HTC team due to injury so I ended up driving the van and we really missed out on having good tunes while in the van. No one had the right adapters, etc., so we basically had NO MUSIC the entire drive! If only we were prepared -- I would have loved a team playlist on Spotify and then, of course, we should have brought the right cords/adapters. Oh, time! Thx for sharing!

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