Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Handana: A Better Way To Beat The Sweat

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Calling all Sweaty Bettys!!! I don't know about YOU, but I'm a sweater....as in I sweat a lot when I run! When Handana offered to sponsor and support High NUUN on our ULTRA journey from Copper Mountain to Aspen, I was excited for the opportunity to try the product {one that I had already heard many great things about}. Running 192 miles at 10,000 feet, in 28 hours, we put Handana to the ultimate test...sweat, tears, blood, snot and peanut butter pretzel crumbs.  

Let's be honest, we've all been there...it's hot, our eyes are burning from the deadly combination of sweat and sunscreen, and we reach down to pull up our shirt to wipe the sweat from our eyes. Then a few miles down the road we have a snot-rocket gone bad, and use our shirt to wipe off the snot from our noise. Handana provides a handsfree way to keep sweat, and more, under control.

Bry rocked her Handana during Ragnar Colorado. 

Love at first fit...My Handana is extremely comfortable {made of soft, durable wicking Supplex Lycra fabric that wraps around your hand}, has a great fit {I received a SM} and is quite fashionable, which is important {available in a wide variety of vibrant colors}!  It is seriously so comfortable, that I put it on for my first leg and did not take it off until we headed to the finish line {kind of gross, but a true testament to how comfortable and NON-distrubing/irritating it is...important for those of us who don't like to bother with things in/on our hands while running} I've worn, and washed it a HANDful of times since Ragnar Colorado, and I think it is safe to say its a GAME CHANGER! 

It's one thing to find a running accessory/gadget that you wonder how you lived without, but its another when that accessory/gadget has an inspirational story behind it.  Katie, the creator of Handana, is an SJS survivor,  and her eyes were very sensitive, making it difficult to focus on training for her first marathon while sweat was dripping into and burning her eyes. Hats, headbands and sweatbands helped, but in the Texas heat, sweat still dripped causing extreme pain and providing an excuse to stop her workouts. With the marathon a few months away, she needed a solution. That's when Handana was born.  Make sure to read the rest of Katie's story! Handana became more than a fashionable wristband, it became a symbol of strength and overcoming. 

With each wipe of sweat with My Handana I am reminded to remain strong, courageous, and to persevere to the finish. I hope you find as much comfort and inspiration in your Handana too.  


  1. That is a pretty cool little tool, there! One question (and this is silly) but does it make you a bit hot, like gloves would, on a warm day? I know, I am a freak about overheating when running!

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