Saturday, March 2, 2013

Everybody Loves "Chewie"

In the summer my family spends most of our time at the lake, and in the winter we head to the dunes to ride our quads {ATV, 4-wheeler...whatever you choose to call them!}. Unfortunately, I don't make it on as many trips as I would like, but I was able to go last weekend {and I already have another trip planned!} and it was an all around perfect weekend! I'm really focusing on my training for the Eugene {half} marathon, so my dad and I started the weekend with an 8-mile run; I love every opportunity that I have to run with him! Then it was time to hit the dunes. Weather is always hit and miss this time of the year, but it perfect for us this weekend! 


"Chewie" is along for the ride!

My cousin started this tradition when she showed up at the coast with Spike, a giraffe backpack her grandma had given her years ago. I spent hours searching for the perfect backpack and finally came across Chewie.  Not only does Chewie   carry water, cameras, & bags for seashells collected at the ocean, he always brings a smile to all riders! I can't tell you how many "thumbs up" I get!  This weekend Chewie brought a smile to one rider who needed one more than most! While riding through some trails, my mom witnessed a lady roll her quad and rushed over to help her and make sure she was ok.  She was on the ground, in extreme pain, until she looked up and saw I was wearing Chewie.  She instantly had a huge smile and said, "I love your backpack, I've never seen anything like it!" I, of course, showed Chewie off a little bit, and it was the perfect, light heartedness fun that she needed to distract herself from the pain and scare of the accident.  Once we realized she was ok, and had someone to help her back to camp {she was riding with someone} we went on our way.

We spend time with family:
My cousin Jordyn and I

A couple that rides the dunes together, stays together! 

We overcome our fears:

Ready to go up: The hill might not seem that big in the picture, but trust me, when you're going up it, it seems HUGE! 

And I'm off!

 I made it! And what if I wouldn't of!? Well I would of had to roll back to the bottom...and try it again! I have an extended swing arm on my bike, so it is basically impossible for me to flip my back over backwards, which gives me a little boost of confidence when climbing hills!

We end up in the trees:

Side hilling {in soft sand} is not easy, and usually results in someone in the trees...{when I turned the corner and saw what I was up against I got a little nervous, but luckily I pulled up my big girl pants and made it}

Heidi went off course, but we were able to get her out!

Jordyn wasn't able to ride her quad up the hill, so James hopped on and did it for her {rider error}!

We have fun:

To cross or not to cross, that is the question!

Lil James took a ride on the back of Ryan's bike...he was in heaven!

After a long ride we are ready for fire...Jordyn does her best to get some kindling for the fire!

The best part of camping is sitting around the campfire!

I mustache you a question, why does this perfect weekend have to come to an end?

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