Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{almost} Half Way to Eugene

One of my running rule of thumbs is that {other than local races} I don't run the same race twice, because there are so many that I want to do! Well, I am making an exception to that rule this year, and running the Eugene {half} marathon again this year {I ran it in 2011}.  I was on the verge of signing up after my two running partners signed up, and then when I heard that Beth Moore was going to be in Eugene the same weekend, I was sold.  I already had my mind set on a sub-2 half in 2013, and I couldn't think of a better place to achieve that goal than in Track Town USA. I hired a coach and am on a journey to achieving my goal. For some reason, I always had it in my mind that I was on a 12-week training plan, so when I saw Jess' week-#6 email, I was excited but also a little nervous that I was half way there. Then I realized 6 weeks wouldn't put me at Eugene, so I took a closer look at my training schedule {I prefer to take it week-by-week} and saw that it is in fact a 14-week plan, and I have 8-weeks to chase down my goal.

My road to Eugene has re sparked my passion for running! I look forward to every run and finish each run with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, as my average pace is now about :30 faster {and some of my runs have several miles in the low-8's}! In addition to increasing my mileage and training intensity, I am focusing on my mental strength and BELIEVING that I WILL finish in less than two hours.  I like to journal, and have really enjoyed journaling about my goals and progress in my Believe I Am journal. 

I recently made the switch to Saucony, and my feet are IN LOVE with the Suacony Kinvara 3s. After my marathon I was ready for a new pair, and these are the ones I decided on; don't they look fast!? 

As part of my decision to hire a coach, I was committed to give it my all throughout the entire 12 14-weeks, and I have been very diligent about sticking to the plan and doing all of the workouts as prescribed! I am so thankful and blessed to have running partners who are on this journey with me and are willing to do the dreaded  speed workouts, push the pace at the end of a 12-mile run, and meet me at 4:30am for a run before work because I am unable to run on the weekend. A huge part of the reason I run is because of the social aspect; and nothing compares to the friendships that develop throughout the miles. 

Our Saturday running group has grow and now includes runners training for their third marathon, last marathon, 10 miler, half marathon, or just out for the fun {therapy} of it. We all run at a different pace, and even do varying distance, but the one thing we all have in common is a love for running, which forms a special bond between people. 

As I approach the half-way mark on my journey to Eugene, I am overflowing with a passion and gratitude for the sport of running and those in my life because of it! I am also tapping into and realizing my TRUE potential, and am looking forward to not only reaching it, but exceeding it!


  1. So.Freaking.Proud.Of.You!!!! I have been following your training on DM and you are doing AWESOME! I can't wait for you to run Eugene. I so wish that I could be there!

  2. So you get to meet Beth Moore and run a marathon? That sounds awesome! Keep up the passion in your training, it sounds like you're doing a great job!

  3. Way to go, Holly! Low-8s is super exciting!!!

  4. I have those exact same shoes! They are definitely speedy shoes. If I get frustrated during my run, I just look down at my "fast and happy" shoes. So happy your training is going well. Jess is a great coach!

  5. Good for you! You're so fast too!! I love Beth, and am disappointed she's not coming to my area all year. You're so blessed to have such good running buddy's!

  6. Sub 2 half is my goal too, although I don't think I'm going for it yet in Eugene. So cool you have a coach. Hope to see you in Eugene!