Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I Hired A Coach

I get asked the question a lot, "Did you run in high school?" And the answer is NO! In High School I was a competitive {year round} swimmer and played volleyball.  In college, while I no longer competed in swimming, I still spent quite a bit of time in the pool. I also took up a new sport, Snowboarding! Whether it was swimming, volleyball, snowboarding, OR golf {which I didn't have much success at} I had a coach {or instructor} to help me improve and reach my goals.  When it comes to running, I have received very little instruction, and don't spend much time researching did running techniques, plans, theories etc., so I finally decided it was time to hire a coach! The ironic part, is that my coach is basically "virtual."  She lives on the East Coast, so all "coaching" comes in the form of texts and emails! 

Jessica, of PaceOfMe, isn't running along side me working on my gait, stride, cadence etc...but what she IS doing is so much more important and valuable {for me!}.  She is encouraging me to push myself to the next level, to take my running from a casual runner to a competitive runner.  For those of you who know me, I am competitive :) but not necessarily in the training aspect of running! I get in the miles, but am was not incorporating the things that {I know} will truly make me a better, stronger, faster runner! Jessica is challenging me to reach my true capacity as a runner, which I know I am not even close to! Whether she realizes it or not, Jessica is keeping me accountable to my training schedule {I don't want to text her and let her know I was a big slacker & didn't do the prescribed run for the day; and I will always be honest}, motivating me to continue to pursue my goals, encouraging me to reach my true potential, and forcing me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I always get a little nervous when I  see what lies ahead for the week, but I always end up texting Jess, "I DID IT!!!" And she always has the most positive, encouraging response! 

So with the help of Jessica, I am on my way to accomplishing goals and finding my true running potential!  Do you have a running coach? If not, have you thought about hiring one?


  1. And you have so much potential!!!! I am so incredibly excited for you. You won't regret having a coach. Making the decision to hire one for myself has been one of my better decisions.

  2. How exciting! I love Jessica! I used to live in Northern Virginia and run with many of the same people in her running circle She is the real deal and I am sure you two will do great together. I look forward to running Ragnar wit you!

  3. yeah!! I LOVE Jess!! I would think that getting a coach would help tremendously and it obviously is for you! so happy for you!

  4. This was lovely, thanks for sharing this