Sunday, December 13, 2015

{Turkey} Trotting to Confidence

As my coach always say, physical confidence leads to mental confidence, and my confidence is building. 

One of my all time favorite holiday/running traditions is the Turkey Trot.  What better way to start the holiday than to get in a few miles {2 or 8} with friends & family!? I love seeing all of the families who come out for the occasion, and its great to see so many familiar faces on the course. This is never a race I train and taper for, but no matter where I am at in my running/training cycle, I always get out there for some fun! 

One year we dressed up.

Last year I ran with a 10 year old! {Amazing experience} 

This year I set out to test my fitness. 

I've been putting in the miles...multiple easy runs a week, speed & tempo workouts, all topped off with a long run over the weekend.  My paces are dropping and my endurance & confidence are building.   I am really loving running these days! 

I didn't really have a goal per se for the run, or even a race plan, but ideally I wanted to come in at sub 8:30s, and negative split! 

With the temperature in the low 20s, Mark, Jen and I bundled up and headed to the race.

It was honestly so cold, it took everything is us to even get in a warm-up run...but we managed to get out there for a few minutes before heading back to comfort of the warm building.  Literally I was chilled to the bones, but I knew I would warm up once we started running, so I didn't want to overdress. 

The gun went off, and we were off and running! At one point I commented to Mark that if my feet didn't thaw, I wasn't sure I would make it...they were painfully frozen! After the first mile {I think everyone took off so fast mainly to warm-up}, I dialed us in to a smooth pace, with the goal to kick-it in the second half:

Mile 1: 8:18.41
Mile 2: 8:25.11
Mile 3: 8:30.71
Mile 4: 8:27.72

We rolled into the half, already at sub 8:30s, and I definitely had more left in the tank. After the turn around it was game on.  I slowly started picking up the pace, and I quickly realized I quite surprisingly had a lot left.  The last two races we have ran, Mark and I have been neck & neck with a guy who I have named Chicken Legs...he's a fabulous older gentleman who wears shorty short shorts, and has, you guessed it, chicken legs.  He is the nicest guy, but always seems to take us...but not today! I rolled up on him around mile 5, chatted for a second and then went on my way! 

Mile 5: 8:15.88

I continued to pass people and then around mile 6.5 I saw my dad's friend & running partner, who he told me I needed to beat, up ahead, and I knew I could catch him.  I came up on him around mile 7, and thought in my head to back off a tad so I had enough to really kick it in at the end {it's funny how your mind creates this doubt}, but as I rolled through mile 7, I knew I could maintain, so to the finish I pressed.

It was a running euphoria. 

I had a huge grin on my face as I made my way to the finish.  My training consistency was paying off.

Mile 6: 7:47.97
Mile 7: 7:20.47
Mile 8: 7:24.55

8 miles, 8:04/mile, 1:04.34
*over a 6 minute PR

We photobombed their finish. Or did they photobomb our picture?

The euphoria of success from the Turkey has fueled my desire to continue to diligently train and reach my goals. 


  1. So awesome!! Congrats on a big PR and loving running lately!!

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