Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rocky Mountain High

4 days after leaving Austin, I caught an early morning flight to Denver. My boss' son goes to CU {GO BUFFS!!!}, and this year's Family Weekend football game was against  U of it only made sense that I would go! I love any excuse to head to Colorado! And to top things off, it was also one of my best friend's birthdays that weekend...a win-win! 

Erin picked me up from the airport and we headed down to Larimer Square for the Firefighter Chili Cook Off, {Can we say HOT..HOT..HOT!} before heading back to pick up the girls from school. 

That evening I headed to Boulder to surprise MG {oops...I probably shouldn't have posted above picture of me in Colorado on social media} for his belated birthday dinner at Frasca.  I'll be honest, I don't even remember what we had {this post is a tad late}, but the food was fabulous! 

It's such a blessing to have friends that are family! And to be back in Boulder with them. 

The girls on Pearl Street! 

Saturday I headed back to Boulder for the game. And of course game day, especially during family weekend, wouldn't be complete without hitting up a few frat parties! Yes, that's right, frat parties! And somehow I was thrown in at the tail end of a drinking game {never a good idea} and ended up chugging a beer, while people chanting "Mom, mom, mom!" I think the entire thing was captured on snapchat....oh my! 

Back to the game! Despite it being cold, wet, and delayed due to lightning, it was great to be back in Boulder, with the Gambees! 

Fight CU down the field...

Auntie Holly! 

The entire crew! 

Sunday...time for the birthday celebration. And since we had so much fun doing the pubcrawler in Austin, we decided to do it again in Denver. It really is a great way to have fun with a large group of people, get in some exercise, and enjoy the sights, sounds {it's all about the playlist...It can buy me a boat...} and tastes {beer} of the city. Erin and I have decided this is a must-do for all of our trips. 

The Boys! 

Our attempt at reenacting our photo shoot from Austin! 

The gang!

The birthday celebration continued Monday morning, after we dropped the girls off at school. Reflexology foot massage anyone!? This was a pretty comical experience...foot massages in old ghetto fabulous recliners followed by couple style massages with complete strangers.  Nothing like sharing a massage room with someone you don't know while someone sits on your back and gives you the most intense back massage ever.  While I was fighting back laughter the entire time, it truly was the best $35 ever! We all left there with a dazed and confused look, not sure what exactly just happened...and laughed about it for the rest of the day.

We wrapped up our girls morning by enjoying local, organic pizza & salad, and wine at Sazza! Truly the best birthday weekend. 

That evening I had to say good bye to THIS face...oh my, miss Kylie and Audrey have held a special place in  Auntie Holly's heart since the day they were born! As I was packing up, I heard the girls telling Erin how they were going to miss Auntie's time for Audrey to grow her hair out so we can all take a trip on a plane! That's the deal...ponytail = plane ride! 

Football-Birthday Celebration-Being an auntie-reflex foot massage-pedal hopper-friends that are family-and more.  The perfect Colorado weekend! Until next time...

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