Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Capturing Memories with a Qtip Jar

As the Roberts Family prepares to welcome a lil Roberts into the family, my mom has been taking a walk down memory lane, in search of baby photos of my brothers.  Along the way she has come across birthday cards addressed to Vern Roberts, 1212 Best Father's Ave, Daddysville, OR; a portfolio of my school work including a descriptive piece of writing where I go into great detail describing the sights, sounds & smells of a pool during a relay race; and family pictures from several generations back.  

This past Sunday I was up at my parents house for dinner and football {its a weekly tradition}, and we started going through all of the old pictures, memorabilia, etc.  We were roaring laughing, commenting on everyone's unique sense of fashion, remembering certain past times, and reflecting on the blessings of our lives.   

The evening captured the simple but profound love of our family. 

The pictures captured the true essence of each of our personalities. 

The pictures brought true meaning to #roadtobuns! I was blessed with thighs.

We spend our lives creating memories.  Experiences that we will remember for a lifetime.  But unfortunately, those memories quickly fade with time, as new memories and experiences begin to replace them.  We often use certain attributes to spark our memories...the smell of grandma's cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, our favorite childhood doll, a souvenir from a trip.  But nothing captures a memory better than a picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Baptism. So joyful for the Lord.  

As I was laughing, crying, reflecting, and just enjoying time with my parents, I started to think that future generations might not have this opportunity.  In an "e" world, most people have more Facebook albums than actual photo albums in their house. 

Create future experiences by capturing the moments of today's experiences. 

Print pictures.

Save artwork.

Keep those special cards.

Take embarrassing pictures that will eventually make people laugh so hard they cry.  Yes, my nickname was Tank. 

As we searched for and found a copy of what is perhaps my favorite Roberts Family picture, I noticed something special.  The candle holder on the coffee table is now the Qtip jar in my mom's bathroom.  

Capture life's everyday moments, save them, then spend time enjoying reliving them.

Capture memories with a Qtip jar.  

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