Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hood-To-Coast...Packed and Ready To Roll

I can't believe it's here...HOOT-TO-COAST with NUUN!!! 

To say I am excited, would be an understatement! I am so excited for everything that is #NUUNHTC...meeting a fabulous group of ladies and creating lasting friendships, having another opportunity to run for and with a truly phenomenal company with just as great of a product, and running my heart out through Portland, Mist,  and Seaside!

As runner 12, I can't wait to have my first run be at night and to bring my team into the finish in Seaside! I thought I'd share with you what I will be bringing on this 200 mile journey from Mt. Hood To Seaside:

Because I travel {fly} to most of my relays, I pack everything in my roller board, and pack a duffle bag to take in the van. You want to pack in something that can by shoved under seats, between coolers, and stacked on other bags.

*note for packing: pack everything in bags to help keep you organized! It is amazing how quickly the van looks like a tornado went through it and you are unable to find anything!

- 3 running outfits {including socks, sports bra, etc} labeled and packed in individual ziplock bags. Not only do the bags aid in organization, they also serve as odor blockers for you sweaty clothes post run.

*tip: I put a Shower Pill in each ziplock back so that it is handy when I finish my run.   

-Compression gear for in between runs to aid in recovery
-Warm clothes to wear at night...sweat shirt, long pants, gloves, etc
-Running shoes...I only pack one pair....unless I know I will be running on different terrains OR in the rain.  For my first relay, it poured during my first leg, leaving my shoes wet and stinky the entire relay! Lesson learned!
-Flip Flops for in between runs 

This was from when I ran an ULTRA relay, hence the 6 running outfits


*once again, keep everything in a bag, whether a ziplock bag or an Eagle Creek Cube, so you can easily find things needed. And trust me, you will lose your headlamp at least 5 times, if not more

-Reflective Vest..I love my Road Noise Vest
-Headlamp...for running, and navigating your way to the porta potties in the dark
-Spi-Belt...I always run with my phone
-Arm Warmers for night runs
-"Throw Away" gloves...it can get cold standing at the exchanges during the night, but once you start running you warm up quickly.  I like to take a pair of those $1.99 gloves that I can toss once I warm-up


-Shower Pills or Baby Wipes...which I pack in each "outfit" ziplock bag
-Relay Handbook...for my next relay, in addition to a copy of the handbook for the the van, I am going to print off everyone their own copy of their individual legs. Even though everyone looks over them at least 20 times, they still ask to "see their next leg" several times before they run. 
-Chargers for everything
-Ipod adaptor for music
-Colgate Wisps...trust me, you will thank me for this later! Nothing wakes you up more and makes you feel "refreshed" at 3am like freshly brushed teeth.  
-Garbage bags and febreeze
-The Stick or Tiger Tail...perfect for recovery on the run. 
-Face Wash Toilettes
-TUMS/Mylanta...enough said
-10 Gallon Water Cooler...saves room, easier to fill water bottles with, and doesn't create a lot of excess trash
-Towel...great for wiping off with and sitting on {preferably different towels} after a sweaty run. 
-A FUN attitude and willingness to have the time of your life!


-Pillow and blanket...it's nice to have, but don't count on getting much, if any sleep.  I have always just got some shut eye in the van, but there are opportunities to sleep in fields and gymnasiums {sounds fun, huh!?} 

My bags are packed and I am ready to head to Seattle, where one of my running dreams will become a reality! 

It's not too late to order NUUN and save with the discount code HydrateHTC.

Follow the three NUUN Teams: Team Lemonade {That's ME!}, Team Watermelon, and Team Cherry Limeade, as we take on Hood-To-Coast by using the hashtag #NUUNHTC

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