Saturday, August 10, 2013

Color Party: An Evening Around The Table

While I don't do it as much as I would like, I love entertaining, having people over, playing hostess and bringing out my inner Martha!  I love my lunch dates, coffee chats, and conversations on the run, but nothing compares to the fellowship, connectedness, and conversations that take place around the table.  Shauna Niequest put it best, "Many of the most sacred moments in my life, the ones in which I feel God's presence most profoundly, when I feel the goodness of the world most arrestingly, take place around the table.  Something extraordinary happens when we slow down, open our homes, looking into one another's faces, and listen to one another's stories around the table." 

I was so excited for an excuse to have a party when I found out I won Rosewood Vintage Rental's 12-person vintage table giveaway from Reluctant Entertainer .  I knew I wanted to do something fun, something different, and something somewhat unique, so I had Girls' Night Out Color Party.  All of the guests were assigned a color to wear, with each color corresponding to a dish to bring {Shannon and I provided the main dish...chicken pesto paninis with arugula}. 

As the women arrived, some who knew each other and some who didn't, the house was filled with laughter, small talk, new friendships being formed, and old friendships rekindled.  We gathered around the table, and it was like we had all been lifelong friends.  We talked running, marriage, motherhood, jobs, single life in Medford, fitness, pursuing goals...and the list goes on.  What started out as small talk in the kitchen, quickly turned into a real, genuine, inspiring conversation.  

One of the guests, Betsy, who I feel so blessed to FINALLY meet, is a friend of one of my dear  friends, and just happens to be a FABULOUS photographer, truly captured the essence of the evening:

Decorations/Table Settings:
-Mason jars and paper straws
-Turquoise round placemats from Target, silver chargers from Michel's, and an assortment of napkins from Target to correspond with guests' assigned colors
-Princess ring party favors for napkin rings
-Paint sample strips for invititations
-Candy jars filled with skittles and starbursts and chocolate covered oreos

Around 11:30pm, when the wine was gone, women had families to go home to, and all of the problems of the world {well at least Medford} were solved, the evening that left me feeling enriched by old and new friends came to an end,  with me already planning the next one.

The table was provided by Rosewood Vintage Rentals, who have a large, and growing inventory to fit the needs of everyone for every type of event! Choose from antique tufted sofas, chairs, rustic farm tables, hutches, vanities, and MUCH more.

For  daily inspiration, including simple entertaining ideas, dinner party tips, and ways to reach out and grow your hospitality make sure to head over to the Reluctant Entertainer. 

With a fresh approach to lifestyle photography, Betsy captures the uniqueness of your life & your love.

Finally, make sure head over to Run Ride Eat, and read Lisa's inspiring post about the Color Party.  

Next party, White-Out...


  1. It was such a great party! Thank you for bringing so many amazing women together.

  2. What beautiful pictures and what a great party!! I always wish I had more women friends... I am reading this great book right now that talks about women and their friendships and about how we have different friends at different stages of our lives. But as we grow older, we weed through our friendships and are left with a handful of friends who we can really rely on to be there for us. But I digress...! Just wanted to say the pics look amazing and I'm glad I found your blog today. :)

  3. Oh wow, this colorful evening looks so fun. I am glad that all of you had a fun time together. We are also going to host a weekend party and will invite our old college friends. It will sure be a mesmerizing meet-up after so long so I am planning to book the prettiest beachside event venue.