Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Not Always About the PR

If I would've written this post immediately after the race it would've been a rather negative post, about how disappointed I was, how I was NEVER going to run the Pear Blossom again, how much I hate this race etc.  But I have since had a change of heart and perspective.

What the Pear Blossom Race means to me:
1) Sentimental: This is the race I used to cheer for my dad for years, and years, and years; and one day decided I was going to run it with him.  I have now been doing races with my dad for 5 years and I cherish everyone of them, and look forward to many more.
2) A Family Tradition: A couple years ago, my cousins came down for the Pear Blossom {that year it was the same weekend as Easter}to cheer & "cowbell" with my mom.  It has been a tradition ever since for them to come down, and this year, more family came down and RAN the 5K.  
3) Celebrating others' accomplishments: For many people, the PEAR is their first run. The first time they take on the challenge of running a 5K or 10 miles. They overcome their fears and doubts, and celebrate a huge accomplishment. For many, the feeling of victory when they cross the finish line opens the door to even bigger possibilities; those who run the 5K decide to sign up for the 10 mile the following year, those who run the 10 mile decide to sign-up for a half marathon.  The finish line is bursting at the seems with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and excitement. Nothing quite compares to cheering people on to a personal victory. 
3) A major mental block: For whatever reason, this course, which I have not only raced several times, but run parts of quite frequently, is a HUGE mental barrier for me. 

Daughters who run together!

The twins

Coming into the finish

A fight for the finish...I told Whitney she better win {and she did, by a second}! 

I was one proud sister, my brother ran his first 5K

A huge part of the Pear Blossom race is the Mayor's One Mile and Two Mile events...These events are a fundraiser through the schools, and the school that has the most participants sign up receives a scholarship. I love watching the kids run their little hearts out for a mile.  If you want to see determination, smiles radiating with joy, and  a genuine feeling of accomplishment, watch a kids' race. 

His reaction says it all...

It's a FAMILY tradition

My dad's running friends..this is a great community event

I decided to run the race by myself and not meet up with any friends, etc. My race plan was to break it up into 3-5Ks...the first 5K was going to be a comfortable pace, I would push the middle 5-K {which has one hill, which you go up and over twice, once into the turn around, and then coming out of the turnaround}, and then really kick it in the last 5K and into the finish.  

I felt good the first few miles, picked it up at mile 3, felt strong going over the hill the first time, but things didn't go so well after that.  I went over the hill the second time, and was TIRED {why?? I train on hills all the time!?}...normally when I am running down hill, I catch my breathe and my legs have a chance to recuperate, not this time. My legs felt heavy and weak. I kept telling myself to relax and regroup, because once I turned the corner at mile 6, it was game on. Well I turned the corner, and rethought my I was going to make it mile 7, and then kick it in. Mile 7 came, and I was going to make it mile 8, and kick it in. You see the pattern here. For the last three miles my only focus was to keep running and maintain my pace.

I was relived approach the corner to the finish line and hear people cheering & shouting my name

While it wasn't a course PR, it was a PR from the last three years...I will celebrate that victory. I will celebrate a fabulous weekend with family.  I will celebrate people running their first race, people knowing what it feels like to accomplish something that they thought was impossible, people becoming aware that they are capable of far more than they realize, a community coming together to support one another, and crossing the finish line after another 10 miles with friends and my dad {there is victory in every finish}

Celebrating in style

Sometimes it's more than a PR...


  1. I agree that sometimes it is more than a PR. Eventually, PRs are fewer and far between. When you get to be my age, you will start to look at "PR over 40" etc. ;-) Find the good in every race.

    Great job on running strong and keeping your pace!

  2. Great race recap, yes, I agree that it's not always about the PR, in fact it's the races that were painful and took every once of my being to get across the finish line, but were my worst times, have been some that I've been most proud of... it was the effort and courage it took to keep going, not the time. btw, your're drop dead gorgeous Ms. Holly!

  3. This is such a good reminder. I'm about to race a half marathon on the 11th and I love this race and this course. It's beautiful. But I'm also hoping to PR. I feel like if I don't I'll be upset with myself and disappointed because I'm working pretty hard to PR. I need to remember to focus on the fun aspects of running and racing and not take the finish time to seriously. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I totally agree that it isn't always about the PR. The race sounds like a lot of fun and I love how it is a family event for you. Your parents are the cutest! :-)

  5. Great reminder that sometimes it is just about having fun and enjoying the race environment. So glad you had fun racing with your family!

  6. Great attitude you have to look on the bright side when you are rockin that Nuun singlet :). And P.S. I would really like to see you in the near future...can you believe Ragnar was almost a year ago!