Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ACTIVYST: Stronger Girls Making a Stronger World

Activyst comes from two powerful words – “active” and “catalyst”. When girls are active, it’s a catalyst for positive change in their lives. Activyst's mission is to change the world by helping girls in impoverished regions play sports. They accomplish this through their business model of creating bold, functional athletic bags and supporting girls’ sports programs around the world.
They believe small actions can make a big difference. When you rock an Activyst bag, you not only get a {pretty awesome} product for your own active life, you catalyze positive change in the world.

It starts with a bag:

She plays:

Her life gets better:

And so does the world:

authorities agree: the fastest path to eradicating poverty is to help girls
  • Adolescent Pregnancy: 95% of teen pregnancies occur in developing countries, where maternal mortality is also leading cause of death among teens. 
  • Abuse: 1 in 3 females worldwide have been physically or sexually abused, with women in developing countries more heavily affected. 
  • Poor Health: Females make up 3/4 of teen HIV cases. Breast and other cancers, heart disease, and other chronic diseases are leading causes of death among females worldwide. 
  • Illiteracy: 70% of the world’s out-of-school youth are girls. Women are less likely than men to be literate, with 2/3 of illiterate individuals being women
  • Poverty: Females represent 70% of the world’s poor and 1% of the world’s wealth. 
  • Lack of International Aid: Less than half a cent of every development dollar goes to programs for girls.
 But why sports? 
Research consistently demonstrates that a girl who plays sports:
  • Is less likely to get pregnant in adolescence
  • Is less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior 
  • Is less likely to stay in an abusive relationship
  • Is less likely to suffer depression 
  • Is less likely to smoke or use drugs
  • Reaches higher levels of education
  • Is healthier, with reduced risk of breast cancer and chronic disease
  • Develops leadership, goal attainment, 
  • Is less likely to smoke or use drugs
What can you do to be the change? BE ONE OF THE FIST to preorder a bag on Indiegogo

Check back soon to learn more about the fabulous bags, the women behind Activyst and the non-profits they are partnering with! 

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