Friday, August 3, 2012

Relay Essentials

Ragnar Northwest Passage was my first relay; luckily we had some veterans on our team who assisted with all of our packing needs, but I want to share with you what I think are relay must-haves!!!

First, and perhaps most important is NUUN! The key to surviving 15-20 miles in a 30hr time frame is proper hydration {especially when running in the heat of the day}!! Keep the NUUN flowing and make sure to bring several different's fun to have options and switch it up from time to time! 

Relays are all about being a team, and a team is not complete without custom bondibands! The neon NUUNKOTB bondibands were not only great for wicking the sweat during our runs, but helped make sweaty, rained on, un-washed hair look good! 

During a relay you live in workout clothes, so its important to be comfortable {while running and in-between runs} Once I tried on my  JUNO sports bra from Moving Comfort I was hooked! It is seriously the most comfortable and supportive {this is key for me!} sports bra I have owned; not to mention cute {most of my sports bras are black or white}
Thanks Stacie for modeling...I wore mine during my first leg when it was cold & pouring down raine
 When I asked what I should pack for a relay, everyone said compression apparel! NUUNKOTB turned to ZENSAH for our compression needs: The Zensah compression leg sleeves are made with gradient compression which provides wide ribbing in the front for shin support and tight ribbing in the back for calf support. Not only did the compression sleeves keep our legs feeling fresh between legs, the colors were neon-tastic! 

No matter what runner you are of a relay, you will have to run one of your legs during "nighttime" hours, which means you will have to run in a reflective vest {which as you can see, I liked! And even wore during non-nighttime hours}.  I choice a RoadNoise vest {which I confirmed was Ragnar approved}.  Why RoadNoise!? The RoadNoise comes equipped with lightweight speakers {didn't bother me at all while running} and a cord for an MP3 player or iPhone {headphones aren't the safest, especially at night!}...just plug in your tunes and you are ready to SAFELY rock your run! The music was plenty loud enough, and I could her traffic & people around. Oh, and did you notice it's pink!? {they have other colors too}

 I was singing and dancing through the miles! 

I never run without my phone because its my GPS and iPod! When you're doing a relay, with a group of bloggers, its pretty important to have your phone with you at all don't want to miss a prime twitter or instagram opportunityv{Not often on a run are you passed by Risky Business}.  Thanks to spi-belt we were able to stay connected to the social networking world at all times :c) {and didn't even notice we were carrying our phones} Oh, and having our phones on us came in handy when we got lost...

One of the main priorities while doing a relay is staying properly caffeinated!

Last, but definitely not least, is having a #lemontea ready for runners when they finish their last leg!



  1. Team NUUN was supported by only the best! Really wanna try out some ZENSAH sleeves!

  2. Great essentials Holly. You are going to be very prepared for your next relay...which I am kind of jealous about. :-)