Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marathon Training Has Begun

Disclaimer: I looked up the difference between begun and began when typing the title of this post, because I wasn't sure which was the correct word, and based on my research "begun" is correct, but if not, please let me know :)

It's a little surreal, but yes, I am training for Marathon #3...there was a point when I said I would never run a marathon, but here I am training for my 3rd {all over a time span of 15 months!}.  After completing the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon, I knew right away that I wanted to do another marathon;   there was also talk about a NUUN reunion at CIM {which I had heard was a phenomenal event!}.  The only thing holding me back from signing up for another marathon, was finding someone to run it with me...I was only willing to do it if I had a running partner{s} to train with. I asked a few people, and within a week was signed up for CIM and had two running partners to run it with me {Heidi and Mandy}. We {ok I} have decided to do the Run Less Run Faster training plan again for this marathon.  

Speedwork: 3x1600 at 8:00 pace....eek! I was a little nervous for this one, especially being our first speed workout in a long time...but we dominated it.
Tempo Run: Instead of doing a tempo run, we did a hill run {total of 6 miles} with the group...Heidi and I had our marathon mojo going and powered up the hill
Long Run: 13 miles at 10:20 pace...we ended up averaging 9:30, and felt strong the entire way. 

Speedwork: 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 at an 8:00 pace.  We ran them faster, closer to a 7:30 pace
Temp Run: Once again we did the hill run with group {6 miles}
Long Run: We have 15 miles schedule for tomorrow...we are all a little nervous but it will be great! I'll check back to let you know how it went!

Ok, as promised, I'm back to report on today's run! Well despite nerves, and being pretty tired at the start, we totally rocked 15 miles, with an average pace of 9:40. 

Our trip to CIM was always going to be a girls weekend...My friend Shannon {Mandy's sister} and her friend Stephanie were going to come with us and be our cheerleaders...well after a run a couple of weekends ago I convinced the two of them, along with another friend Alicia to sign up for the team "Dragged Into This" will now be joining us for 26.2 miles!!!  


  1. I used RLRF for CIM too, but I think I already told you that. CIM really is a fun marathon. I wished I was running it again because I liked it THAT much! Makes me sad that everyone is starting to train for their fall marathons now. I started to train for CIM the 2nd week of September. Can't wait to hear how the rest of your training goes. You will dominate it!

  2. How awesome is that!! Excited for you and looks like your are rocking your training!! Way to go Holly!!

  3. i'm excited to be on a journey to 26.2! i knew at some point it would happen just wasn't sure when! definites i'm learning: training partner{s} are a must, NUUN {loving the hydration it brings me!}, good music, change up the scenery, proper nutrition {still figuring that one out}, sleep, don't go 4 days without running {even if you've stayed out to late or worked 12 hour shifts}, & TONS of "i know i can's i KNOW I CAN'S!!! maybe one day our paths will cross & we'll run a race together! keep up the good running!!