Monday, July 23, 2012

NUUN Winner & Bulu Box review

EEK! So sorry it has taken me SO LOONG to announce the winner of the NUUN ALL DAY giveaway, its no excuse but I was busy wrapping things up and getting ready to head out on  a 200 mile, 2 vans, 12 runner adventure from Blaine to Whidbey Island {several posts coming soon!}.  According to, the lucky winner is Jill {comment #8}.  Jill, please email me at!

What an amazing concept: 1)sign-up for a monthly or yearly subscription 2)each month, a new
Bulu Box will be delivered to your door containing 4 to 5 premium samples 3) Save on full-size versions of the products you love.

The box includes samples pertaining to vitamins, natural & herbs, diet, energy, sports nutrition, protein, cleanse & detox, sleep, sexual health, and other!

My box:

Life Equals Omega-3: I am a huge fan/advocate of fish oil, but as many of you know who take fish oil, you can have a fishy taste after, well NOT with LIFE = Omega-3.  LIFE= Omega-3 is sourced 100% from wild Norwegian anchovies, and has the Maximum DHA/EPA {which is what you want to look for when selecting a fish oil}.  You want to the know THE BEST thing about Life=Omega 3!? For every product they sell, they donate an equal amount of chiIdren's multivitamins to malnourished children worldwide.   will definitly be turning to Life Equal Omega-3 for my fish oil needs!

pure matters for everyday health: Vitamin D3 - 3000 IU : Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption & helps maintain a healthy hear! The capsule is 100% vegetarian and also helps with Healthy Body, Bone Health, Joint and Tissue Health, Circulatory Health, General Wellness, Immunity, Muscle Health, Oral Health, Senior Health, Women's Health, Anti-aging. 

I don't know about you, but I am not the best about taking my vitamins, so this is a great reminder of how important vitamins are for us!

I don't know about you, but I am a night-time snacker, so I was excited when I saw that my Bulu Box contained nightfood, a  bar designed specifically to eat at night!  Read more about eating at night here! Its an interesting concept, and while I can't say whether it helped me sleep or not {I have been so busy & tired these days that I am out in T-2 seconds when my head hits the pillow}, the it has a great taste, and is a nice, lite snack to eat before heading to bed

RevHoney U-Tube: RevHoney U-Tubes are small tubes of honey and freeze dried fruit. No caffine, no stimulants. Just honey and fruit. I was pleasantly suprised with the taste! I plan on throwing mine in my bike pouch for all-natural, on-the-go energy next time I ride! I'm looking forward to trying their other flavors too!

I don't know about you, but I love receiving mail/packages, and it's even better when its filled with samples for living a healthy lifestyle! For as little as $9.17/month {yearly subscription}, you too can receive a Bulu Box on your doorstep full of healthy goodies every month!

Bulu Box was kind enough to send me a box to review, but the opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Well I like everything you got, but the only issue with the Bulu box for me is that I am on a 100% plan-based diet. So I couldn't take the Fish Oil and I would prefer to not eat the RevHoney even though its probably awesome. I love the idea and maybe they'll have an option to select for someone like me.