Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Running Ramblings

T-10 days until I take on marathon #2!!!! So obviously taper time has begun, but this is how my last week or so of training has gone!


2 Saturdays ago, I set out on what would've been my 3rd 20 miler of the training! When I was putting together my training plan, I had a 20 miler scheduled the weekend of the Portland RnR 1/2 and the next weekend I had a 15 miler, so I switched the two runs, which resulted in 2-20 mile runs back to back, not to mention that during the week of the first 20 miler, I ran 57 miles!  {because the RnR was on a Sunday and I did my 20 miler the following Saturday}. So I set out on my third and final 20 miler before the taper would begin, and I was EXHAUSTED, absolutely no "gas in the tank." At mile 3, I stopped to use the bathroom & could've easily been done at that point.  My friend, who was kind enough to Sherpa, kept saying "What is wrong with you? I have never seen you like this? You're almost lethargic-like, I've never seen you bonk like this!" {And she meant it in the nicest way}.  At mile 7, I stopped, and knew and that point I needed to reevaluate my plan for the day.  Kaylee kept telling me to listen to my body, and call it a day, but that just wasn't an option for me.  So we ran home {which got me to 10 miles}, then I went to the gym and alternated between 2.5 miles {at a faster pace} on the treadmill and 2.5 miles on the elliptical, and then ran another 1.5 miles home.  Although I technically didn't "run" 20 miles, I pushed my body when I was beyond "done" which means something, right!?


Last Saturday, I had a 13 mile run at marathon pace, and I felt great!!! Sometimes for me, the shorter long runs are harder for me than the 20 milers! I don't know if its mental {this is easy compared to 20 miles} or what; but this time I had a really good run and I'm feeling ready for the marathon.  For those of you who know me, tapering & taking it easy, don't come easy to me! But I have really been enjoying  & taking advantage of the taper this time around! {this blog post is fueled by the 2 hr nap I took after work tonight...taper = catching up on sleep}


I am so thankful that I have had no major injuries, but I have had a case of nasty blisters recently {which actually landed me in the medical tent at my last marathon....they were so big & painful, I had to do something to even be able to walk back to the hotel}.  After wiping out their moleskin inventory {no joke}, I was on my way! I have tried different shoes, different sock, body name it, but I keep getting blisters {and in random spots...on the side and just below by big toe}! I went in last week, and they suggested an arch support...I have used the arch supports for a couple of runs, and they definitely seems to help! Let's hope they do the trick next week! After the marathon, I am beginning the search again for new shoes...I have heard great things about the Asics 33 collection and the Saucony Kinvara 3s, so I might give them both a try! 


  1. You are awesome for sticking out your long run and then finishing up at the gym. Much better then I would have done. When I trained for my first marathon I didn't come close to finishing one of my 20 milers. I went out too late and it was already in the upper 80s and I was dying a mile from my house so I turned around went home and ran 2 of the 20 miles. Yay me!

  2. Oh man, you must really like to stick to your plan if not completing mileage on a training plan means "DNF" to you. I just call that "Oops, I changed my mind." Which, pretty much happens all the time! :)

    I fully support you taking (a little) break that day, and know you'll be strong on race day!!!

  3. You are such a trooper for continuing on! I'm so scared for Saturday!!!! What are your time goals and what corral are you in?