Sunday, June 3, 2012

NUUN Kids On The Block Are Going on Tour

You'll want to read this entire post because there is something special just for YOU at the end {and it just might include a way for you to save on some NUUN}!!!

I'm sure you all remember, but just in case you forgot I am running the Ragnar Northwest Passage with NUUN!!!  Ok, I me be just a little excited about this.  Well the excitement is building as my teammates and I tweet more than birds about the relay and running with NUUN, and we now have aa team name and have been assigned out legs! For the first announcement, our official team name, drum roll please, is:


So, as you may expect, my teammates and I will be bringing the 80s back! My packing list now includes scrunchies, leg warmers, NEON, NEON, NEON, shirt ties, overalls {of course with one strap un-done}, acid wash denim, maybe some MC Hammer pants, and possible even a leotard {ok, not really!}.  

Fashion inspiration: 1) Saved By The Bell 2) the infamous thong leotard 3) Jane Fonda workout videos {and yes, I had this favorite song was the country western one!}

Here is a sneak peak into my packing:

An 80's themed relay wouldn't be complete without pink high top reeboks with matching leg warmers 

The second BIG NEWS, I will be runner:

As runner #1, I am excited to get us started the right way....with enthusiasm, fun, a huge smile, and hopefully a few road kills! 

Here are the legs I will be running:

Leg #1

Leg #13 {my second leg}

Leg #25 {my third leg}

Enough about me, lets talk about YOU! Whether you are a NUUNaholic {like me} or have never tried it, but are just dying too, now is your chance! Use the promo code "bloggerslovenuun" to save 15% off of your next purchase at the NUUN webstore!

HINT, HINT....there might be a NUUN giveaway on my blog soon too!!!


  1. Love the 80s theme! And I remember that episode of Saved by the Bell the FIRST time it aired =)

  2. I am seriously counting down the days. Ragnar is going to be so much fun and I am excited that we are going to be vanmates!!!!! I need to start looking for some 80s theme stuff to wear. I saw a bunch of neon stuff at Target today, but I didn't have time to really browse. Hopefully I can soon!

  3. I'm such a big NKOTB fan - this is the best team name EVER! I'm doing Ragnar in Napa Valley and can't wait.