Saturday, May 26, 2012

Portland Rock N Roll

Two of my favorite things: A Rock n Roll event AND Portland, OR...YES PLEASE!!! After doing the Country RnR in Nashville a couple of years ago, I had a goal to do all of the RnR events {but that is going to be a little difficult now because they continue to add more events every year}; so, you can only imagine my excitement when I heard they would be doing one in PORTLAND!!!  I know RnR receives quite a bit of criticism, especially due to the fact that they are pretty expensive; but I love them because they are extremely well organized, have LOTS of people {I am not a fan of small races}, are high energy, offer great course support, are in fabulous cities, and are always tons of fun.  

I am training for a marathon {surprise, surprise, its another RnR event}, so I viewed this as a training run {still with the goal in mind to finish with a good time}, and while I didn't officially taper for it, I did take is easier-than-normal the week before. So without further adieu here is a photographic journey through the  Portland RnR!

The expo!

He loves the blue!


Saturday I hung out with Caitlin {the pic of the two of us didn't turn out} at the NUUN booth & we had a hydration partay! {ugh, this pic is from my phone so its a lil blurry}

The Best Sherpa and Cow Bell Ringer! We love her!

I LOVE the character of Portland!

Only in Portland will you find a life-size game of Chess

We took a trip to Huber's for their famous Spanish Coffee

My mom never passes up a photo opportunity

 And we're off..

My dear friend Nicki, who I convinced to sign up for the race over a year ago! As I was going to meet her she text me that she just met two girls in Team-Sparkle skirts with NUUN tattoos...

...well those two girls just happened to be my new running friends Cass and Tasha! Tasha & I are teammates {AND Vanmates} for the NUUN Ragnar relay! It was so nice to meet both of them! 

Showing off our new "ink"!

And he's off, with the 1:45 pacer

Finishing...right around a 1:44! He's my inspiration!!!

Nicki finishing strong

I have yet to take a good running picture...

Post-race smiles 

He was one PROUD runner, and I was one proud daughter! 

I've never done a run {race or just for fun} in Portland that I didn't love, and the same was true for this one! Despite it being hillier than I anticipated, and raining {par for the course for Portland} it was a beautiful course and fun event.  I was hoping to go sub-2, and last minute decided to start with the 2:00 pacers {I figured I just needed to go for it}, and I held on until mile 7, then backed off a little! Despite not quite getting the sub-2, I was happy with my time {within a minute of my PR, which was on a FLAT course} and am pumped for the Seattle RnR marathon.  


  1. Looks like it was an awesome race!! You did great and I'm sure you'll have the sub 2 on the next half. Your dad did great too! Wish I had a dad that was a runner, that would be soo cool :)

  2. Your parents are so cute Holly! Are they going to Seattle with you too? I am so glad that we got to meet up, can't wait to see you in a couple more weeks! :-)

    1. Yes, my parents are coming to dad is running his first marathon. My best friend, her sister & their husbands {all from Missouri}, along with several people from Medford are going too...It's going to be a partay!!!