Sunday, May 6, 2012

First 20 miler {of this training}

The Seattle Rock N Roll marathon is 49 days away!!!! And on Saturday I ran my first {of 3} 20 mile runs! I have been so fortunate & have always had people to run with {or sherpa} on my long runs.  Well this week, none of my usual training partners were available, so I joined two girls {who I have never ran with} for a 20 mile run. All I knew was that I was meeting them at 5:30am...they had the route planned out, made arrangements for someone to drop off water at the 10 mile point, etc.  Well little did I know, {and it was probably better that way} one of the girls is quite a bit {ok, A LOT} faster that I am {3:20 marathon} and LOVES {and I mean LOVES} hills.  So we started off on our run and Ann asked, "So what's our route!?" Krissy said, "Well we're going to start by going up Coal Mine and over to Barnett {panic mode kicked in for me} and then we'll head over to Cherry Lane and run up Cloud Crest etc {now I'm completely freaking out}  These are the two major hills in Medford, that most people run for a hill workout, NOT as part of their 20 mile run {I aim to find the flattest route for my long runs, and work in the hills during the week}!! And they're the kind of hills, that at some points, it feels like you can walk faster than you are running.  I knew I was going to have to dig deep and just get it done... and that is exactly what I did! I stayed with the girls until mile 16, and at that point I told them to go ahead...I walked it out for a minute, got my music set up, and refocused for the last 4 miles of the run.  At mile 18 I ran by a friends house...she was out working in the yard, so I  recruited her to throw on her running shoes and run the last 2 miles with me! Overall is was A GREAT RUN, and I surprised myself with how well I did.

WHAT I LEARNED {or was reiterated} FROM THIS RUN:
    • I love running with a fuel belt {as opposed to a hand-held water bottle}
    • Hills make you a stronger/faster runner & I need to do more of them!!!
    • Consistent, encouraging, and supportive running partners are PRICELESS
    • I am capable of more than I realize
I hydrated with NUUN and fueled with SportBeans.  I had taken other things to fuel on, but felt as if I wouldn't be able to keep anything down if I ate it.  AND I didn't feel like I needed to eat. I felt hydrated the entire time




  1. That is some crazy elevation! When I run on hills I always repeat to myself "hills are for heroes". :-)

  2. Wow, great run Holly!! I would be intimated running with faster people too but you did great sticking with for 3/4 of the run! I started running hills a couple months back and I actually have started enjoying the challenge of them instead of dreading them. You are right: we are way more capable of doing what we think we can. :)

  3. Great job Holly!! SO proud of you. Coming off an 18 mile run today I can't even look/think at next weeks 20 miler yet! It was a LONG time & a LONG WAY but we did it. I have to say I felt pretty great (I think mostly because Heather was hurting- and that's just how we roll!). AMAZING job on this 20 miler. It wasn't JUST a 20 miler- it was a challenging run and quick run! Whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger... i guess :)