Monday, March 19, 2012

Shamrock Run Portland

On March 18th, I joined 32,499 runners and walkers in downtown Portland for the 34th annual Shamrock Run.  I did this race 2 years ago, and loved I decided to add it to my marathon training plan {the races keep me motivated} and signed up for the {hilly} 15K race.  This was the first race that I had signed up for, and raced, solo.  I've got to be honest, I actually really liked it. 

On Saturday, being that it was St. Patrick's Day, I hydrated with my green drink of choice, Green Beer Lemon-Lime Nuun

I went into this race a little nervous, not because mile 3-6.5 was uphill, but because my legs were trashed from 150 wall balls on Thursday night.  I did as much foam rolling as I could, but I was still waddling, especially down stairs.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling really good about the race, and I was going to give it my all, no matter how my legs felt {It's normally not a good sign, when you are waddling your way to the start line}.  In my mind, I was going to break it up into 3-5Ks...The first 5k would be a nice steady pace to warm-up {pushing the pace, but not over doing it}, the second 5k I would push the hill, and the last 5k I would kick it into gear to the finish.  I have never does this before, but I dedicated each mile to someone who positively influences me and my running:
-Mile 1: Megan...Megan is a wonderful running partner, and always pushes and challenges me, especially on the hills
-Mile 2: Heather....My best friend, and amazingly inspirational.  She will be doing her first marathon with my in June
-Mile 3: Heidi....Heather's sister, a very dear friend, and great motivator. I kept hearing Heidi say, "Keep going! Slow and steady runs the race." I kept picturing Heidi's huge smile as I made my way up the hill
-Mile 4: Jenny...Jenny is my running partner who is so consistent and really pushes me.  I knew she would not let me give up going up the hill
-Mile 5: Heidi...Heidi has recently joined Jenny and I on our morning runs, and she LOVES hills, and always challenges and encourages me up them
-Mile 6: Rosie...This was about the point that we peaked at the top of the hill and began our decent to the finish, and I knew I was going to have to kick it into high gear.  Rosie is my "fast" running friend and always challenges me to push my pace
-Mile 7: My dad...My dad is a HUGE inspiration for why I run, and continue to do so.  I can't put into words how excited I am that he too will be running his first marathon with me in June. He constantly pushes and challenges me, and I could hear him telling me to kick it in.
-Mile 8: Phil...Phil ran his first half marathon with me a little over a year ago, and will also be joining us for the marathon in June.  I would love to run be able to run with him in Seattle, but know I will need to pick up my pace a little, so I really pushed myself that mile
-Mile 9: My mom...although my mom isn't a runner, she is THE BEST cheerleader for running and life in general.  She constantly encourages, motivates and supports me in all that I set out to do. 

I had a fabulous run and felt strong the entire race...a little Portland rain & a Crossfit Games WOD couldn't slow the sparkle down! {My cousin Whitney did the 5K with her friends from work}

It's only appropriate that that you get a "finisher" beer opener at a Shamrock Run {a great incentive to do the 15K}
I love everything about a race, especially visiting the expo the day before.  I got some great swag this year!
Although I didn't run this race with anyone, I had 9 people encouraging me the entire way.  I truly felt strong the entire way, and finished with a huge smile on my face and a 2 1/2 min PR! 

My lyrics {and motivation} of the day: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" 


  1. Awe! Such a great race report! I love your descriptions of each of your friends/family members. Congrats on the PR!

  2. Whoa that swag looks awesome! Also I LOVE lemon-lime nuun!

  3. This race looks fun, and look at all that awesome schwag! this is definitely on my list of races "to do" someday. That medal ROCKS!