Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I plan on accomplishing my goal of a Sub-2hr 1/2 marathon

I have now done 6 1/2 marathons {its actually the distance I race most frequently} and it's time to really focus on picking up my pace and accomplishing my ULTIMATE goal of doing a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon.
So here is how I plan to do it...

1. FOLLOW MY TRAINING PLAN: For those of you who know me, I am a planner, so I always sit down and write out a training calendar for all of my races.  However, I don't always stick to it. This time around I WILL stick to it...and not just run the distances, but focus on maintaining the appropriate paces.   I am using the  Run Less, Run Faster plan {which I have used one other time}...the plan calls for speed work {deffinitely a LOVE/HATE relationship}, pace work, and a long run {only 3 runs a week}.  

2.  FOCUS ON PROPER HYDRATION: I don't know why, but recently I have been struggling with getting enough now I "drink with a purpose."  While training for my marathon, I realized even more that proper hydration {and fueling} was necessary all week long, NOT just during the long runs. I'm a huge fan of drinking NUUN {my favorite flavor is lemon + lime} and coconut water to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes. My new "rule" is that I drink 12oz of water before I have my morning coffee :) 

3.  FOAM ROLL DAILY: I notice come Saturday for my longs runs, my legs are TIGHT {especially my hammies}, as a result of my runs from the week & my Crossfit WODs.  I WILL foam roll and use "The Stick" daily to maximize my runs and prevent injury.

5. ICE BATH: Since training for my first marathon last summer, I have become a huge advocate of the ice bath.  So I plan on taking an ice bath after every long run to help save the legs.

6. CONTINUE READING "THE RUNNER'S DEVOTIONAL" : I have really enjoyed reading this has enhanced both my physical and spiritual training. It has also served as a great tool to stay in touch with and encourage my "long distance running partners" who will be joining me for the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon in June! 

On May 20th I will be doing my {lucky number} 7th 1/2 marathon and plan on taking my PR from 2:07.23 to anything that starts with a 1!!!  {This will be a 20 min PR from my first half marathon in 2009}


  1. Great plan!! Definitely follow through with the speedwork and tempo runs because that will increase your pace for sure :) Just found your blog through Twitter, it said you were like me :)

  2. Sounds like a great plan. My goal is a sub-2 half also! It will also be my 7th (road) half marathon, coming up on June 16th. Using RLRF too :) Your tip on hydration is a good one, that's something I need to improve on. I was better about it in NJ, somehow I've been slacking since moving to CA. You'd think the dry air would prompt me to drink more.

    1. Have you used RLRF before!? Its NO joke! I used it for my last marathon...well sort of! I was in a cycling accident & broke my collar bone, so I only had 2 1/2 months to train, but i followed it as much as I could. This is my first time truly following it. My half is on May 20th!! Good luck to you...we can do this!!!! :)