Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cascade Lakes Relay 2015

Ok, Ok..yes, I ran the Cascade Lakes Relay a month ago, and yes, I am just now getting around to blogging about it.  My new life motto is #betterlatethannever! For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE relays! As in I would run a relay every weekend if I could.   So here is my recap, in more pictures that words!

I was so thankful to be asked to run with the same team again this year...last year I was a last minute sub...AND to have the same legs! I was runner 1, which meant I was able to kick off the relay with a run around Diamond Lake! Last year I was really just starting to kick up my training, and perhaps not quite ready to tackle the 20+ mile. This year I was significantly more prepared, and excited to see what I could do.  

I finished my first leg of 7.36 miles at an 8:48/mile pace and felt great! I was ready to let the good times roll!!

As I handed off to John I was ready to be a cheer leader extraordinaire and to get my van dance party on! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love how relays turn an individual sport into a team sport...where the success of a team really depends on supporting, encouraging, and cheering one another on.  

Relays also wouldn't be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who bring excitement, fun, and SAFETY to the event! 

Despite the heat and tough terrain relays are ALL SMILES!'s what it's all about! 

This amazing runner! An amazing person!

Oops..relay foul! Time with the other van is limited, but it's always fun catching up with them at the major exchanges! 

Its a RELAY tradition! 

BROTHERS! A family that runs together...

I can't think of a better way to kick off the night runs than by a top-of-the-van-dance-party! I love the nighttime doesn't get better than a blinker lit, star filled sky run! 

Doesn't he look like he is having a blast!!!? I was excited to see him come in to the exchange so I could take off into the night! 

Another RELAY tradition; a relay isn't complete without a headlamp selfie. 

How can you NOT enjoy a nighttime run with these views?? I busted out 7.47 more miles, at an 8:53/mile pace.  

GUUUUUUUU!!!!! Relays are filled with many team and van inside jokes, and this is one of them! You had to be there...but long story short, he ran up to the van screaming GUUUUU, and he wanted a GUUUUU! 

With 90deg+ weather, water sprayers were a lifesaver! TEAMWORK! 

Meet our new vanmate...the bearded, braided lady with a doll! 

And yes, she rocked 3 miles WITH the wig on, CARRYING the baby! 

It's hard to beat a natural ice bath.  My third and final leg was 6.04 glorious miles at an 8:53/mi pace. 

Team selfie!!! Courtesy of Mark's Selfie-stick! 

This picture says it all and sums up what a relay is all about!

Dance parties AND wings...they're a MUST! 

She gets by with a little help from her team! 

SEE, even in extreme heat, with a lack of sleep and upset tummies, there is FUN to be had! 

Rocking our awesome new CLR hats! 

And we FINISHED!!!!

Another great CLR in the books! An adventure consisting of 2 vans, 12 stinky-runners-turned-friends, PB Pretzels, m&ms, licorice and more; headlight & glow stick lit runs, and accomplishing such a great feat! Until next year...


  1. Such a fun photo recap! I'd like to try this relay someday!

  2. Awesome!!! Sounds like a great time!! I heard it was soon hot this year!! Way to bust out those fast miles in the heat!!!

  3. Great competitors and great experience! you've captures really staggering views that day! I enjoy looking at it!