Monday, May 26, 2014

Joyfully Reflecting and Surrendering

Occidental Class of 2014 Graduation.  

Pomp and Circumstance starts playing and I am overcome with eyes fill with tears and I am overflowing with emotions as I reflect on my own college experience, the reason why I am sitting at this particular graduation, the opportunities awaiting the OXY Class of 2014 as they begin to embark on a new chapter in their lives, and where I am currently at in my life, and how it is so different from what I envisioned when I was parading into Folsom Field to Pomp and Circumstance 9 years ago. 

The road to sitting at the Oxy graduation included a lil 4 year old in a wetsuit running and jumping into the pool for his swim lessons, an 8 year old expressing her love for the restaurant industry by running Freedoms out of her basement,  a babysitting gig that turned into more, and a college degree that led me to places I never envisioned.  Places where I learned that relationships are so much more important than the degree listed on my diploma.  

Following the graduation of the former Freedoms owner, I went the miles to visit friends who mean the world to me.  A college roommate who has been by my side through the good and bad, and who I have had the privilege of standing by her side as she became a wife and then a mommy.  And a friend who I met on a 200 mile, 30 hour journey while riding in a 12 passenger van running miles and miles and miles, and is now one I can call when I need to laugh, cry or seek Godly advice.  

The last 7 years have been the biggest blessing in disguise...working for a company I love, a family that is like family, and having the opportunity to do things everyday that challenge and fulfill me.  In addition to my job, I am surrounded by my family and so many true, genuine friends who get me.  

I truly cherish the relationships in my life, and am overwhelmed with how blessed I have been...from lifelong friends from high school and college, friends I met during work leadership conferences, training partners turned friends, to the friends I have met from diving into the crazy world of social media.  

Everything is great...fabulous job, wonderful friends, an amazing family, an abundance of opportunities.  

But is it really!? 

Amidst all of the joy in my life, there is also a lot of pain and heartache.  A deep yearning for more, but not sure where or how to get it.  

I know God has a plan. One I need to fully surrender to.  

The Lord is constantly working and doing something in my life, and while I may not always understand what and why,  I {need to} fully trust him and his will for my life.  

For whatever reason God is saying WAIT in certain areas of my life; and I need to joyfully and patiently wait, fully trusting him.  

Now, more than ever, as I wait patiently on HIS perfect timing, I am focusing on having a heart after God's.  What does that mean?

A heart willing to praise at ALL times. 

While we may not always be able to rejoice as we look around in our trials, we can rejoice as we look ahead.  

A heart willing to TRUST GOD'S TIMING

...because his timing is perfect. 

A heart willing to be HUMBLED. 

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up" James 4:10

As I continue to live life to the fullest, savoring all of the amazing blessings I have been given,  I will joyfully and patiently wait on the Lord's timing in other areas of my life.  

As the Sidewalk Prophets say, " If there's a road I should walk help me find it, If I need to be still give me peace for the moment, whatever your will, whatever your will, can you help me find , can you help me find it."  


  1. It was so great seeing you-- such a gift! I know God has a plan for you. God blesses those who are trust Him-- you are blessed. I love you! and btw I tried to subscribe via email and it's not working-- I don't want to miss any posts ever again!

  2. Sometimes its the hardest thing to do, Wait for God's timing and plan. No matter how much we have, we won't be completely satisfied unless we base everything we do on God. He comes first, and we need to seek Him to get complete fulfillment. Marriage, kids, family, friends, a great job will make us happy for sure, but there will always be a deeper longing for, and God fills that void. HOlly you are so amazing!! Continuing to trust HIm and you will continue to His glory and blessings. Your patience will be rewarded!! You just wait