Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chicago Marathon: #roadtobuns

It all started with 5 friends, a google doc, multiple VRBO inquiries, daily gchat conversations, and a chain of emails. The Chicago marathon has always been on my bucket of list of races to run and I was beyond excited for it to be a runcation with friends from all across the country.  I found the ideal condo near the start line, looked into flight options, started planning the "cation" part of the trip {ok, I know the marathon isn't until October, but I'm slightly type A}, when an email on January 16th changed everything...registration for the 2014 Chicago Marathon will be conducted through a lottery system. Womp womp!!!

Cue more emails and researching other fall marathons in hopes of finding a marathon that would work for everyone, because for me a huge part of running a marathon is who you have along side you for the journey.   Well it quickly became clear that not only was that not going to happen, none of them appealed to me quite like Chicago. So back to plan A: The Chicago Marathon, with only 2 people! With the lottery, {we thought} everyone who threw their name in needed to be ok with any and all of the possibilities: we could all get in, one of us could get in, or just a couple of us could get in.  March 19th rolled around and I took {what I thought would be} a big gamble and threw my name in the hat! I'll be honest, I was looking forward to the rush of taking that leap of faith waiting on pins and needles to see if I got in, and if I would be running with any of my friends. Well, let's just say the "lottery" was somewhat of a buzzkill. I signed up, only to find out that I didn't have to provide payment information and will have 5 days upon acceptance to pay. While that's actually great news because it encouraged one other friend to throw her name in the hat too and  I'll be able to make the choice whether or not to run, depending on if Tess and Mandy get in, I really didn't feel like I took much of a gamble, ha! 

Now back to the gchat media has seriously been such a huge blessing in my life, introducing me to amazing people who have become some of my closet friends, providing me with fabulous opportunities, and connecting me with companies I have truly fallen in love with. One of those amazing people I am blessed to call friend is Tess! I am so thankful Tess accepted my invitation to join 11 strangers to run Ragnar Tennesse with NUUN...that was the beginning of our "snapchat-gchat-fake tattoo-Christ centerered-country music loving-we just get one another" friendship! 

I really am not sure how it happened {I'm also not surprised}, but somehow through our gchat conversations we decided that if we get in to the Chicago Marathon we will run it in buns! Yes, you read that correctly...buns

Now let me just explain something to you, my thighs have a sparks flying, can't get enough of each other, loving relationship! So what we have now labeled #roadtobuns, is going to be an around-the-world journey to get these thighs of mine in buns shape. 

The #roadtobuns will require:

1. Leg weights

2. Daily #roadtobuns workouts...a Pinterest board & google doc have been created
3.  Stock in and a lifetime supply of Bodyglide
4. A friend who is willing to join me on this crazy fun adventure! 

Talk about a leap of faith!  If you have any favorite leg exercises/workouts, Tess and I would love it if you would share!


  1. I cannot wait to run 26.2 miles in buns with you - just think of all the extra real estate for temporary tatts. ENDLESS possibilities. Oh and p.s. I LOVE YOU FRIEND!

    1. Okay, this made me laugh out loud. Tess, I don't know you. But I know Holly. You guys sound ilke you'd have a blast for 26.2 miles. Kinda wishin' I would be there!

  2. You are awesome!! Excited that you're going to be running Chicago! FUN!

  3. Remember when @enduroTwerd wore buns at Ragnar WB and you and I said we wouldn't ever survive a run in those (chaffing-city!!!!). I hope you make it in the Chicago Marathon so that you can prove past us wrong :) Then I'll have to follow suit...

  4. Wow!!! Good for you!! If that is not motivation to tone the "problem areas" and get faster....I don't know what would be! Good luck!! You are a sure in for Chicago '14!!