Thursday, February 6, 2014


All aboard the #PLEAKING Train.

One cold December evening, when I was kind of in a funk, and needed a goal, something to work for, I received a text from a friend saying she wanted to do a plank streak {hence the term #PLEAKING} and asked if I wanted to join in on the fun....why not!? 

As we were discussing the logistics of the streak and how we would make it to 5 min {and not wanting to sound like a wimp, as I know Meghan is the core expert}, I threw out that we should start at 2 min, and increase by :05 sec intervals every day. Meghan agreed and so the streak began.

Being that we are both Type A,  a Google doc was a must to track our #PLEAKING.

Yes, there were times along the journey from 2 to 5 minutes that I wasn't sure I would make it 5 minutes, but I continued to dig deep and BELIEVE! 

A few keys to success:
1. Set YOUR OWN goal, pick a starting place, and gradually increase, taking baby steps, to your final goal
2. Focus on relaxing and releasing any tension when the going gets tough while planking...YES, while planking, all muscles should be tight, but not necessarily tense. I noticed as the time would increase and my muscles were fatigued, my shoulders would begin to tense up. When you notice this happening, take a deep breath and focus on relaxing the muscles in your body that are tensing up {while keeping core muscles tight}.
3.  Its an issue of mind over matter...
  • Set a timer, so your time is running DOWN not up! Also, set the time and forget it! 
  • Find something to focus your mind on...whether it be meditating/praying OR rocking out to your favorite pump-up song..anything to make the time go faster 
4.  BELIEVE in yourself...because you WILL do it!
5.  SMILE!!!

When I originally boarded the #PLEAKING train, I envisioned planking everyday until I reached 5 minutes! Well, once I hit the 3:45 mark, I knew my body was going to need occasional back and neck were tight and causing me discomfort during the day and on my runs. It's important to allow our bodies time to rest and recover, in order to continue to build strength. From that point on, I would take a day or two off in between each plank...until I reached 5 MIN!!!

It makes me happy to receive texts from friends about their planking progress, and reaching their goal 5 seconds at a time! What is YOUR plank goal? 


  1. That's amazing. I am slowly working up to a minute so apparently I have some work to do:)

  2. This is a) hilarious, b) creative and c) AWESOME! I think my plank record is only 3 minutes. 5 minutes is LEGIT! Way to get it girl! xo