Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 Word of the Year: VULNERABLE

As I roll into a new year, I feel like I am enjoying the calm after the storm that was October-November-December.  While those months were filled with so many amazing opportunities and adventures, they definitely pushed me to my limits, both physically and mentally.  The start of the new year has been filled with several weekend naps, getting caught up on things I haven't had time to take care of until now, spending quality time with friends and family, reading books, and going to bed with a clean house and laundry done {all things I used to take for granted}.

As I contemplated a New Year's Resolution post, I thought about my running goals, personal aspirations, things I want to change, things I want to accomplish.  I considered listing everything out individually, but I realized I don't really have a list, per se.  Yes, there are definitely things I plan to accomplish in 2014, but more importantly I want to live my life in 2014 a certain way.  I want to be 

vul·ner·a·ble adjective
1.capable of being physically or emotionally wounded
2. open to attack or damage

I know, I know, you are probably wondering why on earth I would choose VULNERABLE as my word of the year.  Well let me explain...

I want to be vulnerable every time I toe the start line of a race, being willing to give it my all and leave everything out on the course. 

I want to be vulnerable to love deeply and be loved deeply.

I want to be vulnerable in my faith.  Through my faith I want to live out the gospel, allowing people to see Christ through me. 

I want to be vulnerable, taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I want to be vulnerable, not only accepting change, but seeking it out. 

I want to be vulnerable, letting go of my will for my life, and constantly surrendering to God's will for my life.  

I want to be vulnerable, saying no to things, so I can say yes to other things. 

I want to be vulnerable, putting my fears and doubts aside, and wholeheartedly pursing by dreams and aspirations.  

I'm excited for all 2014 has in store for me! Yes, it will include the numbers 26.2, probably 70.3, and hopefully the beginning stages of 140.6; and the letters L....L...C! 



  1. Holly, I think this is a great word for 2014. So many people think that more "positive" words are the way to go but I feel like the tough words make us work harder. you have some amazing ways to tackle being vulnerable because it is inevitable that we all will feel this way at some point. I'm so excited to see how your year shapes up with some amazing distances and an LLC. That is an amazing step.

  2. I love this word!! I definitely could use a little more of it in my life....especially with my new marriage and in my relationship with Christ!! How different my world would be if I was a little more vulnerable at times. Thanks for post Holly!!

  3. Great post!! You will do great things this year!! I can't wait to talk Ironman!!! Yeahyaaa!!

  4. Awesome!! You are have an amazing year ahead!