Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She Wears Many Hats

While I am not one who gets wrapped up in the number of candles on my cake,  I do like to use birthdays, especially big ones, to take a moment to reflect on my life, count my blessings, see how far I've come, and focus on where I want to go.  As I embark on my 30s, I have so much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to. I never envisioned I would kick off my 30s the way I am, but I couldn't be more excited for the adventure{s} that lies ahead.  

These are the several "hats" I will be wearing:


The Junior League of Jackson County is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  Last year we launched a new program, Rogue Powerpacks {RPP}, in which we provide a backpack filled with nutritious food for the weekend, to chronically hungry children in Southern Oregon.  In addition to grants, our primary source of fundraising for RPP is the Holiday Hustle 5K, which we kicked off last year, and was a huge success. I am looking forward to taking on the roll of race director again this year, and continuing to improve the event, making it a family holiday tradition in here in Southern Oregon.

The Storytelling Guild is a group of volunteers dedicated to serving the community by providing opportunities for children to be exposed to the magic of books and the joy of reading. 

Perhaps some of you saw this picture:

This is from  my favorite program of the Storytelling Guild, The Book Walk!  The Bookwalk is a fashion show for books, designed to pique the interest of 3rd grade children. Guild members don sandwich boards and costume accessories while a brief description of each book is shared. A new book is then donated to each school’s library.  

I am so honored that the women of both of these groups have chosen me to be their "fearless leader" and I look forward to serving both organizations with heart, soul and passion, to the best of my ability.


I AM FOR THE CHILD,  and I advocate for the safety and well-being of children who have come under the care of Child Welfare due to parental abuse and/or neglect. As a CASA I speak up for these children and work hard to better their lives.  I strive to provide the children with a feeling of self-worth, confidence, hope for a better future, and the reassurance that they are loved.  In addition, as a CASA I strongly believe that what's best for the children is that their parents are doing well, so I also strongly advocate for the parent{s} too. It is so easy to be quick to judge, but these parents LOVE their children.  They might love something else more, or lack the tools necessary to be effective parents, but they LOVE their children. And with proper guidance, support, a feeling of HOPE,  and someone who believes in them, they have so much potential.  

I love spending my Sunday mornings with the 4 and 5 year olds , learning about the love of Jesus Christ through their precious perceptive.  I feel like I walk away with more than I am able to give them. 

One thing that I am going to start doing more of during sunday school is leading worship... I pursue my dream of being part of the church worship team.  I have a long way to go, but I have to start somewhere. 

I have always loved kids, and started "babysitting" as soon as people would let me, and started off my "nanny" career by watching my 6th grade teacher's children.  I was a nanny all through college and two years after, prior to taking a "real" job {not that being a nanny isn't a real job, but you get it}. While I do have a full time job, I am still asked quite frequently to watch children while the parents go on a weekend away, a 10 day vacation out of the country, or on a business trip. I have also had the opportunity to travel to several wonderful locations as a nanny! While it can be tough to juggle work and other responsibilities to "nanny" for a week, with the parents help in scheduling coverage, we make it happen, and I wouldn't change my time with the kiddos for anything. 

As a swimmer, who loves working with children, it only seemed to be a natural fit that I learned to teach swim lessons while in high school.  I taught during the summers, all through high school and college, and following college graduation primarily did private lessons at people's houses. I absolutely love seeing kids I taught when they were 4 practicing with the swim team and heading to the High School State Championships OR seeing the child who hated the water showing off for me at a friends BBQ/Pool party.  I keep my lessons to a minimum due to a lack of time, but I do have the privilege of working with a 2 year old and 9 month old this summer...I love hearing Aiden's feet running to the door and him telling me how gweat of a teacher I am!     

On top of work, running, family and friends, these are the major hats I will be wearing this year, and I couldn't be more excited! Sometimes I feel like the energizer bunny, whose battery is dying OR a juggler doing everything possible not to drop a ball, but I wouldn't change it for anything.  Yes, there are days when I am overwhelmed, but I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve, and have an amazing group of friends and family who are always there to support, encourage and help when needed.  

As I begin another year, I want to continue to be the change I want to see in the world, live life and my "dash" to the fullest,  and leave a legacy {whether big or small} in the lives of people who come into my life.  

There is something else I will be doing that I am beyond excited and nervous for,  but I am saving that for another post. Here is a teaser:

And yes, I have BIG swimming, biking, and running plans for my 30s too, stay tuned...


  1. You forgot 2 of your BIGGEST HATS!!
    1. Leader for Christ! I have learned more about God through you than anyone else. Everything you do is centered around Him!
    2. Friend Hat! You are the biggest cheerleader, supporter, encourager to SO many people. And the best I know!
    Love you Friend! Keep serving! CANNOT WAIT to see your crown in heaven and your tree of ALL the people you have lead to Him!

  2. Awesome post Hol! Loved reading about all the hats you wear!