Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekends are for...


Due to weather and hectic schedules my weekend plans had changed several times, and my parents and I decided to stay home.  I was actually relieved to have a weekend to catch-up on stuff (including rest) and have nothing on the schedule (which is rare for me!). With the PEAR only two weeks away, I knew I had to get in a long run, rain and all! Saturday morning I started off on my run, solo, and decided to take the bike path (which I never do!). As I got to the bike path I decided to head towards Hawthorne Park for a while then turn around and go the other way for a while (which when I do run on the bike path, I run the opposite direction of Hawthorne Park).  About a mile into the run, I spot my dad running towards me; I thought he had already ran that morning from his house! I was SO excited to see him coming, I started waving my arms, making sure he saw me; we both were happy to run into each other.  I turned around and joined him, and we got in 9 miles together; which neither one of us would of done without the other.  My dad said at least 5 times, "This is my favorite kind of run, running with my daughter." It was a great, unexpected treat to have my dad's company and encouragement for 9 miles in the rain. 

My favorite running partner 

My mom and I have been talking about going snowshoeing for quite a while, but have never found the time when we can both go! Well this weekend we took advantage of having no plans, and the two of us headed to Crater Lake for the guided snowshoe tour.

Do I look a little nervous to be driving the luge??

And we're off...

It was a PERFECT mother-daughter day

And a fun way to enjoy the beautiful scenery & get in a little workout

Ranger John (8 years old, from Colorado) taking a little break in the snow

The picture doesn't do it justice...


We will definitely be back!

I was thankful for a weekend at home with no plans, allowing me to spend quality time with the two people I love mom and dad!


  1. So cool! Looks like you had a fabulous time with both of them. You are always so busy, this was a much deserved weekend of relaxation and family. There is no better way to spend your time than having time with loved ones!! I am happy for you!

  2. The snow shoeing looks amazing!! Put that on the "OR to do list"!

    An unexpected free weekend-looks like you took advantage of it!